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Making a funtime Chica sketch page!

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llPettyCandlesll avatar llPettyCandlesll
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After working on the comic, I realized something...

So I'm making a little sketch page, dedicated to little sketches of her, just for fun!

And by looking at this drawing, I can tell you, I'm putting some effort into it! I'm showing you all my favorite part!

It's a close up of her eye! I can go beyond a cartoony style if I really tried guys!

There's also a couple additional characters in there too! Two small interactions, just to get a better look at her personality and how she is with people! Although...you might already get that impression when I present the mini comic to you guys!

I like to nickname her "The Eagle" because her colors make me think of an eagle! She's got a bit of dark color to her outfit!

She's got girl boss vibes when looking at her!
I don't feel like coloring in this page, other than just the sketch blue colors! Seems like a bit of work to do all that, so I'll leave it in sketch form! It looks better that way actually!

I'll be releasing the funtime Chica page before I release the comic, because I feel like I did her dirt with how I drew her the first time, especially when-
-she was walking to the door in one of her panels! I gotta work on poses a little more....

Keep those eyes peeled!

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Update! : by llPettyCandlesll 02/04/2023 7:19:54 pmFeb 4th

The sketch page is out now! Feel free to take a look! Go to my page to find it!

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