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Making a top view scheme or a floor plan of your map using MCEdit.

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Ehh that's actually my first blog on PMC...
In this little blog I'm gonna show you guys step by step how to make a top view scheme or a floor plan of your map using MCEdit. Each step corresponds to a picture. So let's start!

Step 1:
Open your map using MCEdit. I've used a ship as an example(If you like that ship you can download it right HERE).

Step 2:
Press the "Chunk view" button on the panel at the topor just press the "Tab" key on your keyboard. Your view mode is gonna change to the top view now.dffdfjpg

Step 3:
Print screen the top view of your map and save the picture. Open it with a software for editing images(I use Paint.NET). Cut out the piece of the print screen that you're gonna need.aacjpg

Step 4:
Use some effects to create a kind of a black/white line art. Use further effects to make your plan look more impressive.fedfjpg

Step 5:
Add a map legend/an instruction to your picture. You can also add your nickname and logo.bccccpng

And that's it!
I hope you appreciate my idea and use it for your project. It would be cool if you'd check out my other submissions.

RikudouCraft. "Enthalpy Creations".

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