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Making Fnaf valentine cards! πŸ’ŒπŸ’˜

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llPettyCandlesll avatar llPettyCandlesll
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(I'm gonna make the text all pink because why not?)

Yes! You read the title right! I am going with my gut and making those fnaf valentine's day cards I mentioned in my forums/comments!

But because I only got 1 suggestion for what characters I should use, I winged it on the others.

So here's the characters I decided to pick and why:

Bonnie was the one who was suggested to me, and I can see why! He looks so loveable and kind!
(That's his personality in my universe anyway)

Mangle seems to be a fan favorite to most of you! So she's definitely getting a spot in here! Her second head/Dragon, will be added as well, because they are part of the same body!

I have a joke for this one, trust me.I also think its about time I redesign him anyways, he's in dire need of it.

🎩Freddy Fazbear🐻
It wouldn't be five nights at Freddys without Freddy himself! This one will be wholesome, I promise.

πŸ”Toy ChicaπŸŽ€
Her design is really cute, I think she deserves more appreciation!

and last but not least:

I think you guys will like her design up close! She's small, but she's got a big heart!❀

and that about does it for the characters who will be casted for the valentine's day special! I was going to add the marionette somewhere, but I replaced her with Springtrap for a fun joke I had in mind that goes with his character! Perhaps I'll include her in another holiday special! I was also going to make one of my own character Petti, but I think by the time I finish these guys, I'll be toooo burned out anyways.Can't wait! Can you?

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Update! (2/2) : by llPettyCandlesll 02/14/2023 8:15:03 amFeb 14th

Happy Valentines day! Go collect your cards now! Both halves have been finished!

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02/06/2023 11:13 pm
Level 49 : Master Artist
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Already almost done πŸ™‚ο»Ώ
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