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Making Your Base In Minecraft Factions

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StarryArtz avatar StarryArtz
Level 23 : Expert uwu
I'm pretty new to blogging but I have been playing Minecraft factions for a long time now and I would like to share my ideas!
In this blog, I will be mostly showing the best base to build and the best tactic to hide your base.


1. Underground Base
Most people who have been played faction before know that this is basically the most standard type of base. You could have an above-ground base but, don't, just don't. The thing that is good about an underground base is that it is not as visible to other players
even if you do claim it if it is far enough underground the only way they can even know that it is near is using /f map. If you unclaim it then it will be almost impossible to find unless someone is x-raying, we'll talk about x-ray'ers later. A lot of big factions use underground bases and I think they are a good way to go.

Another common base is the sky base. These are good if you only need a small base. They are really hard to spot if you build them high enough. There are a couple of ways that people can still spot them. You shouldn't build a Skybase too big or else people will spot them easily, a good way to hide them is to make them out of sandstone and put it in a desert biome. If people use mini maps to find sky bases then it will be harder to spot. Another way that people can find them is if you claim it. If you claim your Sky base then people can spot it on /f map and build up and find it. Even if you don't want to build a sky base they can be a good fake base for distracting raiders.

3. UnderwaterBase
These bases are good bases because they are basically self-protective. Still, this base applies with the same thing as the sky base, don't claim it! People sail around oceans all the time and it is really suspicious if someone claimed land in the middle of the ocean. Now, let me tell you why underwater bases are good. Even if someone finds your base, it takes a long time to break obsidian underwater and that is if you have a diamond pickaxe. While you are building the base you still might want to stock up on underwater breathing potion.


1. Hiding from X-rayers
A lot of people suffer from x-rayers and I know why. X-rayers go in x-ray mode and can find bases and get diamonds very easily. The question is how do you stop them from finding your base? There is no way of completely protecting yourself from X-rayers but the best way is to surround your base in some sort of useless ore. I would recommend coal. Don't use coal ore completely instead, spread it out and make a pattern of coal and stone (not cobble). Another thing to do is to use dispensers instead of chests they will blend in a lot more but, you will need a lot because they don't hold as much stuff.

2. Above Nether Glitch
The Nether is already a safe spot for bases but, if you put your base above the nether it is very hard to find it. If you don't know how to get on top of the nether then let me tell you how. You will need an ender pearl and a ladder. Dig your way up to the top of the nether.Place a ladder right below the bedrock.Then climb throw an ender pearl up to the bedrock, while climbing the ladder.You should be on top of the nether and you can make your base as you wish. NOTE: Water buckets do not work on top of the nether and if you try to sleep, your bed will explode.

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05/01/2020 8:20 pm
Level 20 : Expert Mage
c14159 avatar
I love the drawing. Also what faction servers do you suggest? I can't find any. :(
05/01/2020 8:27 pm
Level 23 : Expert uwu
StarryArtz avatar

it is a ytber’s server but everyone is really nice. It is a good first factions experience. I actually play there, my gamertag is CloudKit10 and my faction is Cloud. Maybe you can join our faction, whats ur gamertag?
04/30/2020 6:57 pm
Level 27 : Expert Enchanter
Culpeo avatar
About the nether roof glitch strat, I find that a daylight sensor works better in the latest versions as opposed to a ladder. The ladder strat works well in earlier versions tho.
04/30/2020 7:11 pm
Level 23 : Expert uwu
StarryArtz avatar
I have never done it that way but, I think that would work too! I have only played in 1.15
04/30/2020 7:22 pm
Level 27 : Expert Enchanter
Culpeo avatar
Yes, I've used to use the ladder, but the daylight sensor has a greater margin of error.
04/30/2020 6:47 pm
Level 47 : Master Fish
Fishkiss avatar
This is really in-depth, well done!
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