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Malachite and Alexandrite boss fight revealed!!!!!!!!!! !!Spoilers!!

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avatar Pokezilla101
Level 54 : Grandmaster Unicorn
Alright Guys, Steven universe fans and my followers this is the moment we have been waiting for since chille tid! Malachite has returned with fists swinging! We have finally found the great tribe of the watermelons, where they all ran off to. Then Boom! we see malachite and alexandrite facing off head to head! We see alexandrite use all gem fusion's weapons on the show! And we see malachite bring out the power of ice! As the watermelon tribe watch helplessly they decide to try and help while alexandrite is stuck in malachite's icey grip. But she gets out and takes down malachite with opal's bow. This is a new spoiler that looks like an actual real thing that will happen. Because of garnet foreshadowing that alexandrite will be used somewhere on the battlefield, and we know that malachite will have to unfuse eventually. This is a great bossfight that I cannot wait to see how it started or how it turns out at the end of the episode this clip will be in! I will bring you more SU news and try to keep you caught up on details!
Hey guys here again! And barn mates confirmed. We see lapis destroy a giant eye on the hunt to poof peridot. But peridot's recorder is broken. Here is video 2



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