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Male and Female Mobs: Original Mineidea by ╔═ThêBûll§hcîtt═╗

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avatar TheBullShcitt
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My idea will have minecraft make more sense

It is as simple as this.

Female and Male pigs look the same but males are a bit more pale and drop bacon.

Female cow= Normal cow Drops: Beef and leather
Male cow= Bull Drops: Beef and Horns (Turns hostile when attacked)

Both sheep look the same but female skin is white.

Female mooshroom= brown mushroom
Male mooshroom= Red mushroom

Only female chickens lay eggs and male chickens have a more of a cock-a-doodle-do sound and are brown

Female villagers would look like a normal Minecraft human except with a villager head with long hair.

Female zombies look like a zombified female Steve

There would be zombie boarmen

Female speders and cave spiders would rarely spawn and make webs

Female squids are pink. C:

Enderwomen would have purple wavy hair

Female ocelots/cats would be different textures

In options: Character gender selector (This would bring back the "ooh!" sounds for boys and a female version for girls and a female default skin but changing your skin will override both)

Male ghasts would have a deep-pitched cry

Female wolves will be brighter white with blue eyes and the tamed collar will be blue

Female creepers are pink C:

Female slimes are pink C:

This is my idea, feel free to make a mod of this idea but give me credit.

I hope you like this idea, I think minecraft will need this due to certain types of breeding in the game,
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