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avatar Shokonetsu
Level 4 : Apprentice Engineer
They were like any other wealthy family, they lived in great estates, wore beautiful and elaborate clothing, but something wasn’t exactly right. Their so called “family” didn’t exactly make that money by themselves, every second of their lives are involved in shady business, or even “contracts.” They did everything in their power for a few extra coins in their pockets; the limits for what they would do cannot be described with measly things such as words. Their sinister deeds continued for years on end. As long as they were alive, people suffered, wails of pain repeated without stop. It was until then that the people realized something; the Leclair family had to pay the price; in blood!

     “People of London, tonight is the night, the night that we take matters into our own hands! The Leclair family has taken advantage of us for far too long, stand up, because we take action tonight!” the man roared with a thundering force. The people began marching to the Leclair family estate, where they will finally execute them and become free. As they marched, two mysterious figures began to follow them; they were both clad in black robes and their hands; nowhere to be seen. A few passer-bys rudely stared at the strange men; like moths to a light. Something didn’t feel right; its out of the ordinary, these words filled the thoughts of everyone marching; it flushed out confidence, one by one the people started to pause, then run back home. These events continued, and finally, only ten people are left marching.

     The two men in black robes looked at each other; they made slight nods and then revealed their hands, both contained Baker Infantry Rifles. They glared at the remaining ten with malice and hatred, their eyes; fixated on their heads. Preparing to fire, they load their guns with bullets, bullets made of lead. The vigilantes glared at them tensely, they too, had fire arms in their possession, and so, they prepared to fire. At this sight, the men clad in black hurriedly put bullets in their muskets, their hands moving frantically like mice running from the merciless jaws of death. Finally, after a few moments, their guns are loaded and ready to fire. Taking position, the two men form themselves into a line, and pull the triggers that will cause mayhem.

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