Malice - Unpublished LEGO Cave Hanger

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Steve’s arm froze in motion, surely his ears were playing tricks on him. Perfectly still, Steve strained his ears for another ghostly echo. Moments passed, though an eternity it seemed. The muscles in Steve’s shoulder began to burn; exhaling, Steve lowered his arm a fraction.


The tiny hairs on the back of Steve’s neck stood to attention. He gulped, horribly aware that his mouth had suddenly become very dry. Yet still he maintained his posture, steeling himself he managed a brief utterance “W-Who’s there?”

That sentence had sounded far more confident in Steve’s mind.

Another wave of shivers wracked Steve’s sturdy frame; in all his years mining, he had never encountered anything like this.

Don’t turn around Steve, or you will die.

Steve immediately felt his eyes swivel, how was he expected to resist this forbidden fruit? Drawing upon his dwindling courage, Steve once again asked “Who are you?”

No answer. Steve felt his lofted hand dip a little more, the space behind him now seeming alive with malice. Steve felt his heart plunge, the hairs of his neck now seeming to move of their own accord. An icy grip came to rest on his shoulder.

More insistent now: Move.

Steve’s arm trembled as he fumbled for words. Words he would never speak.

A sigh: Too late.

With a jolt of horror, Steve realised the hairs on his neck were no longer his own. A searing pain, then nothing.

The final words had already been spoken.

Game over.


For context.

So this is the entry I wrote for that one LEGO contest that one time. I never saw fit to publish it in the end, but as I was browsing some of my old/unpublished material the other day I stumbled upon it and thought "hey, this isn't terribad".

So here it is.

The whole thing took about 30-40 minutes with editing and the like included if I remember rightly. Word count is 250 exactly, with my main inspiration this time being Doctor Who - The Impossible Planet.

Thanks for reading.

Also, new blog coming soon. I guess.
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