Mali's How-To skin tutorial :D

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DISCLAIMER: By no means do I think im the best skinner, or even one of the top 100 on PMC. I just wanted to do a tutorial for anyone who thinks they need help. Is that a crime? Naw.

Ello! here I am making a skin tutorial 

a) because I can
b)because I want to
c) I feel like i to my subs enough
d) because I can
e) To educate you good folk on how i get my shiz DONE
Now, lets begin. First, materials
1) Skinedit
3) This tutorial
-Once you have GIMP and skinedit downloaded, start by opening skinedit. It's time to make your 'base'
This is the start of the base. To be honest, I dont sketch it out or anything. I make a hairpiece, armpiece, or something, and the rest of the outfit blossoms from that. in this case its the striped sleeve things.
-Im jumping really far ahead, but thats because the base is unshaded. Dont use any of skinedits tools besides paintbucket, pencil, and color dropper. this is a strictly no-shade stage
Yay, now you have your base. Save the picture to your desktop, or somewhere easy to find. Now, its time to shade. Close SkinEdit and open ypur skin in GIMP.
Let's start with the hair. first, select the 'dodge and burn' tool, which is the bulb with a stick near the lower right corner in the tool selection. Now, make a line, just one, single-tone line on the head hair. then, move one block in on each end and repeat. Skip a space, and do that whole line process again.  this carries over through the back, left, front, and right hair spaces. Now add more 'dodging' (lightening) in between all your layered lines. Sorry, but the pictures for the whole process got lost. However, this is what it should look like when done with those areas.
the other 2 hair areas that are directly on the head are shaded differently. Hold CNTRL while using the dodge/burn tool to 'burn' (darken) areas. use this on the head bottom. then, dodge the top of the head in one big circle.
now, for the general shading strategy. Its actually quite simple. You burn the edges, and make curves in some places. I will demonstrate on a boot.
thats nice and all, but lacks the contrast we need to demonstrate good shading. so, we go back to dodging, and just do a few pixels at the center of the area we're shading.
that may not look like a lot, but in the long run it makes a difference. Here is that technique carried out on the whole leg:
Now, this may seem like another big leap, but its just that same simple shading technique I jut showed, over and over on the whole skin.
Beautiful! (well, at least in my opinion.) Note those last sections of hair. They've been left unshaded intentionally, up to this point. The back-of-the-body hair is dodged like the head sides, and so are the locks in front. The top of the body, however is burned like the bottom of the head, because thats how light works :D
and theres a wonder-filled skin!  I hope this tutorial explained it well enough, and if you have any questions/complaints, please comment and I will edit this post accordingly.


Dear god, stay away from the texturizing tool. Its the thing that has this effect:

I know how tempting it is to use it, and be all like 'BAM, DONE' but frankly, its just...well, not lazy...but a beginner's thing. I think everyone, when they start skinning, discovers it and assumes its like the best thing ever and BY GOLLY IT MAKES THE BEST SKINS. Wrong. I will admit, I was that exact person. But its no biggie. Just move on. SHAAAAAADE.

'kay folks, thats all. Have a nice night, and continue to be awesome. :D
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