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Malisis's Doors Mod

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avatar Scarecrow1864
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Hey Guys, cjkiernan here with another mod review! Today i will be reviewing Malisis's Doors Mod! This Mod is great if you just hate how the door opens so fast and cant stand the noise of it! Now there is slow animated door that dosent make such a racket! But sadly you know those NPCs are dumb. The slow door dosent work on them so.... they are prety much to dumb to open a door slolwy.

But this mod includes!
A Siding Door!
So if you ever wanted to build a store or a mall and you want sliding doors then this is the mod for you! Theres also iron ones to!

Another thing this mod includes is...
A Player Sensor!
How this works is you put a sensor above or next to a wood or iron sliding door and open it with out useing your fist!
And this could also make a dream come true on a mall or a store!

Next is the Block Mixer!
So how this works is you put a block in one side and another on the other.
Then its done and makes a sweet new decoaration for your house! See pic on the sidewalks
WARNING: do not put matrils in the block mixer or elso your minecraft will crash and destroy your world!

Next item is the camoflaged blocks to create secret rooms! theres wood, iron and gold
How these work is you make a design on the wall and you can open and close it with a lever!

Thx for reading this blog see you later guys                                                                                                 www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2657008-172forge-malisisdoors-172-064/
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