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Marjory's Epic guide on how to get levels, diamonds, and "fame".

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avatar Marjory
Level 19 : Journeyman Caveman
Welcome to Marjory's Epic guide on how to get levels, diamonds, and "fame", where its a guide on how to get levels and notoriety easy. Because, have you always wanted to be like those cool, epic, greatness people that have like 400 levels and everyone everywhere mentions them? You're in luck. Its a truly legitimate tutorial, no sarcasm or trolling involved!
Lets get started, how do I get levels?

1: Make content.
This is the first step in getting cool points, just post something. If it gets views, numbers get added to a bar, and now you have extra stuff. Somebody has to view it, somebody HAS to diamond it, right?

2: Advertise in the chat.
Contest thing? Need attention? Just post your link in the chat. Its guaranteed to get one persons attention for the second.

3: Make.. Better content?
Nobody wants to look at a scribbled unshaded skin, nor does anyone want to look at a poorly made build, a low grammar blog, or the general cesspit your place might be. Attempt to learn how to shade your skins, try to learn how to build better, and please, just learn engrish.

4: Do custom terrain
Now this is where the fun starts. Just download this magic bullet known as worldpainter, some custom brushes and schematic packs, make something, post, profit. Instantly from all corners, it is said views, diamonds, and levels will come. At least in my case.

5: Make your profile look better
Ah, ye content isn't the best, but not the worst, and its not like you know how to do custom terrain. Regardless, people will sub on your profile if you decorate it in a cool way, add something sub-enticing, like, a custom post stating how you work in a toilet cleaning company, or maybe if you have Misophonia or Chronic depression or not.

6: ???
Well, you tried to make good skins, you cant even shade properly. You are banned from chat for advertising too much, you cant seem to get better from scribbled spam, you cant decorate your profile, you cant use world painter, and you are so useless nothing is special about you. There are a few more tricks..
6.1: ????
So what now? Well, you could just go to the forums, and start screaming and begging. Make sure the mods don't get out the hammer.
Or maybe we could just spam scribbles, and hope somebody notices. Make sure the mods don't get out dat hammer.
And maybe for good measure, maybe we should clone somebody else's own hard, obscure work, and call it our own..
6.2: ?????
Ah, maybe.. It looks as if you've been IP banned from PMC for inappropriate content, spam, stealing of work, and content-generated program. Well, its time to get a VPN, and download this strange programmy browser extensioney. And just like that, instant level 500, most popular thing ever, and its a cheap gamer skin you made in two seconds. Everyone hates you now, but you can rest peacefully knowing you got popular.
6.3: G͗ͬi̡̭͖̣ͥͨ̾̆v̶̩̙̗̩̿̿ͬ͒ͅe͠,͕̱͏͋̔̕ ̡̤̰u̟̫͚ͬ̇p̢͖?̳̟͈̭ͣ̈̓͘
But, onto that, it looks like PMC sent the content cops, FBI, and Harvard university to your door, there's a million viruses, Trojans, worms, and parasites on your computer. Eh, your PC even got exploded from that extension. Good job. But, maybe there's no point in these useless, good boy points. What good does it do to try to get famous on a minecraft website? Nobody will remember your name, just the content you had materialized that made its way to some obscure head website and creative server. Whats the point of a prosperous trophy case, or a well designed profile, if half of those people would just skim over it and not think twice? Whats the point of existence too? We just live to endlessly go to our next work shift, our next school day, and for what? Meaningless good boy points in a 70 year lifespan, only a pixel fleck, on the infinite cycle of the universe. Whats the point of existing, if there's no turning back from being an idiot? Maybe there is no turning back, from the minecraft website we all regularly visit.
disclaimer - 6-6.3 are jokes and sarcasm btw

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