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avatar mr shino
Level 34 : Artisan Fish
Our story begins in a Cabin; Just a Normal Cabin made for Normal People.
A Family lived there. A Mother, Two Sons and a Daughter. They Have a Father too; Though he had Divorced from His Wife and Begun Moving from the Cabin.
So the Day he moved, The family came along to see His new House.
It was a Big, Old, Mansion.
"Such madness" Said the young son, He was the Smallest of the bunch, His name was Jeremy.
"Ooooh! Maybe we'll find a Ghost inside!" this time it was Sophia, The older Sister.
"Don't think such silly thoughts; Ghosts aren't real and so is everything that isn't proven by science." Said Clarissa, The Mother.
"Mom, You're such a Party Pooper!" Said Jeremy.
"All of you SHUT UP!" Said Abel, The middle Brother.
Everybody went quiet.
"What is it, Abel?" Said Clarissa quietly.
"I Heard something..." Said the boy.
"Maybe a ghost!?" Said Jeremy, Clearly not caring about the Silence.
Then they all went quiet, Including Jeremy.
A Strange noice came from the Mansion.
"Sooooooo..." Said Adam, The Father, Trying to break the Tense.
"Lets just go inside and be Done with this Nightmare." Clarissa said, Looking Annoyed.
The family got inside the Mansion, the Kids running off everywhere and even Breaking some Furniture.
"Well, I Better go now; Come Children, Lets go." Said the Mother, Trying to make the Kids stop break everything.
The door closed.
The Mother, A Bit shocked and a bit Scared at the same time, Shock the Handle of the Door.
It Didn't Open.
"I-Its fine, It's Probably just Stuck." She said.
She tried opening the Lock.
It Didn't open.
"Guess were staying the Night here." Said Adam, So sharp And Calmed.
"Oh Goodness-- Staying a Night with You?" Said Clarissa.
"Do you have any Other Suggestions?" He said.
Everyone went quiet.
"Well, Seems like the Sun's going down." Jeremy stated.
The family Searched the Mansion for Bedrooms, And each Found a Bed and Claimed it as They're's.
"Welp, Goodnight Everybody!" Said Abel.
The next morning, There was Smell of food in the Kitchen.
"Mmmm.. Whats that Smell?" Said Jeremy.
The family Got to the Kitchen, And saw a big chunk of Meat in the Oven.
"Well, I Didn't cook it." Stated Clarissa.
"FREE FOOD!" Said Jeremy while pushing the Meat out of the Oven.
"Honey Don't!--" Too Late, He ate the Meat.
"Mmm! Tastes like Pork." Stated Jeremy.
"Well Atleast we have a food tester incase its poisen!" Said Abel.
The family sat at the big table and Ate the Pork-Tasted Meat.
"By the way, Wheres Sophia? She'd been Quiet all Night." Asked Adam.
The whole family looked at each other.
They looked at the Pork-Tasting Meat.
Except it Wasn't Pork at All.
They backed away with Terror in their Eyes.
"N-No! It Can't Be!" Said Clarissa.
They didn't touch the Meat for the whole day.
Soon it was Night again; and All went to sleep, Trying not to think of what happened this Day.
A Strange sound came from Abel's bedroom.
He looked under his bed.
Two Grayish-Blue Eyes staring at his Soul.
"AAAH--" Two Paws caught his mouth and made him Silent, As if Threatening to Kill him if He even dares get a sound out of his Mouth.
Soon the Next day came, And once again, There was smell of Meat in the Oven.
And they know who's fate it was.
They didn't even dare come to the Kitchen.
"Mom... Will we be okay?.." Said Jeremy, Quietly as if Scared something will Hear him.
Now; That he was the only child in the Mansion, He got all of the Attention from his Mother. He didn't know if to be Happy or Terrified.
It was night again.
And the oven wasn't late to sacrifice a new soul.
"Mom-- Mom, Please don't Leave.." He said to Clarissa as she looked at the Oven.
Looking like She'd commit Suicide in any Second.
"Mom, You have a child to take care of!" He said.
Look at this poor Thing, Only 12 Year old and such things Running through his head.
Soon night came. He hugged his mother and said
"Will it be ok?"
She didn't answer, Too pale to even move her Lips and make a sound.
Like she was sick.
His mother fell Asleep; and he'd go to his room.
"Hello, Child." said a voice
"H-Hello?.." He replied
"It's Ok, i ain't gonna kill you-- or cook you in the oven, or Plop you in a graveyard with ghosts."
He saw a Figure warping a coat on Its back and Looking back at him; with a masked face.
"Jeremy, Look, all you need to do, is stay alive for this night. If you stay the Calmest; you'll win the game, and You'll get to leave."
Jeremy Looked confused; yet Understanding his words.
The figure disappeared as if it was a dream, Leaving him alone in his room with the thoughts of "Stay calm"
He went to his bed, lied down and repeated these words until morning came. He could swear to himself that he heared a quiet cutted-scream during the night.
He woke up, rushing to his Mother's room.
"NO--NO! T-This.. Can't..."
A Figure appeared.
"Congratulations Dear Boy! You won the Game~"
"Wh-What?" Jeremy Looked At the familiar figure.
"Shh, No questions Boy, Quiet is important. I Like my Quite." Stated the figure.
"Y-You said you'd let me Leave!"
"And i keep my Promise."
The figure slashed through his body, ripping everything inside him apart, his eyes darkened and his body still, as if accepting the death of him.
And so the Mansion went quiet. With last final Scream; his Ghost, Free'd from the prison of life floated away to the sky.
5 Pieces of Pork-Tasting Meat where in the oven. 4 Already Baked and done, One even rotting.
And one Freshly Cooked.
Sharp Fingers sled through the cloak of the Masked figure.
Filled with Blood they dropped down, Leaving red stains on the floor.
But one had written a word, No, a Sentence, It Was. . .
Frank Knows Regular

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  • GoggleD0GG
  • Level 28
  • Expert Warrior
  • November 13, 2017, 11:26 am
Capitalizing Just About Every Word
> family member gets killed & cooked over night
> decide to stay in the mansion anyway
Typical horror movie material x)
Nice ending, though!
  • mr shino
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Fish
  • November 13, 2017, 2:26 am
its my first fiction ever
  • AviationWolf
  • Level 35
  • Artisan Ranger
  • November 12, 2017, 6:54 am
this is about a mansion?
  • mr shino
  • Level 34
  • Artisan Fish
  • November 12, 2017, 6:58 am
well its basically about something that happens IN the mansion, not really about the mansion. if it would be about the mansion i would make it eat everyone owo

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