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Maturity & Stress Factors.

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avatar LadyDarKnight
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
So I recently posted a couple of blogs, one removed by a Site mod, the other I chose to remove myself. It had to do with a recent falling out I had with a now former friend/ server Owner.

I spent a LONG time dealing with immature people who I thought were my friends. I have been a CoOwner on 4 Servers so far and the stress was horrific. The first 2 Servers I was a CoOwner on were 2 best friends, when they had a falling out I got caught in the middle and left the first server to join the friend's as a CoOwner where my Boyfriend and I built the server for him. Well the maturity levels differed far too much with him being early teens and My Boyfriend and I being older. What started out as a partnership soon turned into the same as the first server, a younger Owner used to getting his way and having a temper tantrum when we disagreed. This had my boyfriend and I leaving the server and ending up helping a friend.

We took a slight break due to being over stressed and just overwhelmed. Upon returning we were welcomed back to our friends server as CoOwners, which we took very seriously. Being as we are older and more experienced we tend to take our role as Staff members very seriously. This led to us being asked to be CoOwners on the Server's Partner Server. We accepted and everything was going well until the partner asked us to leave our friend's Server and thus began our troubles once more. We declined and remained with our friend. My boyfriend & I continued to work diligently and enforcing a long list of rules the Owner (our friend) had placed. This often got me labeled as many names unsuitable to be repeated here and very much disliked. Well time goes on and my boyfriend and I continue to enforce the rules as more and more people come, many of which looking to join the staff and some already part of it. Because they basically brown nosed the owner he got angry when we enforced the rules they broke or attempted to put an end to potential problems that would cause a repeat of previous ones.

This ultimately led to us being demoted because I was disliked. Honestly someone who demotes me for doing my job is not worth being involved with so My boyfriend and I left the server. I posted a blog venting, the first one was not so bad. However I too lacked maturity when I found I was prevented from removing my builds before leaving the server and I posted another blog containing the names of owners and servers. This was perhaps the lowest I have ever gone and I truly do regret that. Honestly I do not want to be known as someone who bashes servers, it was basically my way of venting my anger and frustration & telling my side.

For those of you who do not know I tend to restrict access to my builds, it is for the reason I have been lied to, betrayed, and used on almost every server I have been on. I say almost because I am currently on a server that I may become staff on, unlike the others they are well organized and show they have their server because they love mc and they take their work seriously. The problem with the other servers I have been on is its kids looking to "Have Fun" which is basically there way of saying, "I want things my way and no responsibility".

So the reason for this blog, it all comes down to this: How many of you have to deal with immaturity and stress? Am I the only person on MC that actually enjoys it and finds it fun but also believes that you should be mature and responsible? Especially if you are in a Staff position on a server? Would love to hear comments & Opinions :)

PS: I will delete messages that are offensive or come on here to basically insult/anger me, this includes but is not limited to the Owners & their friends. I want nothing to do with the servers from my past xD

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  • Magratt
  • Level 23
  • Expert Spelunker
  • August 29, 2012, 12:11 pm
I was an admin on a stress full public server once. The average player was 11 years old. The owner let friends grief. And even had an alternate account he griefed with on his own server. But still, I had a good time there too. I like kids. I like to be able to help the honest kids that just want to play the game with their friends, or make new friends.
But I didn't do it for more than a couple of months. I missed having time to play the game.
So I'm usually just on my own server now. Its so small. And average age is more than 20, so there's no need for a staff. But I sometimes miss the action. And sometimes I want to see if there are other nice servers out there. I haven't found one for a long time.
I am part of one that I joined right after the one that basically almost ruined MC for me. From what I can see so far it's a nice place and well thought out. The worst part of this was losing someone i considered to be one of my best friends, but in the end he prefers butt kissers to someone who has had his back. It happens sadly, but its a life lesson :)

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