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MC interview : Patrick the star

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avatar dark_i
Level 7 : Apprentice Taco
Before the interview begins: tell me in the comments the character you want to interview!

Me: hello Patrick

PS (Patrick the star): Hi ...

Me: what do you think of minecraft

PS: it's cool it's cool ...

Me: but in detail?

PS: zzzz ... oh uuuh sorry what did you say?

Me: what do you think of Minecraft in detail?

PS: ah uuuuuh I play it in creative mode

Me: why not the survival mode?

PS: because we want my death

Me: ok, what do you want to add to minecraft?

PS: Ah, uh: sofa, TV, krabby pattie ...

Me: stop stop stop install the mods there is no electricity

PS: and for the rest

Me no

PS: why?

Me: because it's not Minecraft !!

PS "angry": WHAT I WANT YOU ADD MY LIST NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: end of intervieeew LET ME GO BE REASONABLE !!!!

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