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MC Server Review: mc.parkourcraft.com

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avatar LevelKinetic55
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Disclaimer: This review is non-biased and I am not affiliated with this server.

Community: 7.5/10
The server is friendly. However, many newer visitors are excluded in conversations and sometimes ignored completely by more senior members of the community. There is constant trash talking and verbal battery.

Staff Management: 6/10
The staff are generally helpful but are lacking in numbers for a server of this size. There is usually one staff member online at all times and players with connections and VIP ranks are more likely to get accepted as a moderator. One staff member online is definitely not enough given the amount of cheaters and trolls in different minigames. There is also a lack of anti-cheat, I've seen players fly around in kitpvp.

Fun: 9/10
The server is very enjoyable and has many unique features. This is not a pay to win server and most games are balanced with the exception of factions which is only worth playing with a donator rank.

Overall Score: 7.5/10
(Would probably recommend to others)

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