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McCities Review 1.9-1.12.2

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avatar The Doggsterrr
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
McCities is a towny survival server for 1.9+ (up to 1.12.2) When I first got on, I was welcomed by many people, staff, and other members. I found this server from my sister, who was looking for servers. I was in the spawn area, it was very welcoming and looked cool. I, then went to the apartment my sister had.

In this server they had the /as commands. To find apartments, you would do /as help, and you could find multiple commands. The plug-in adds in a selection of region homes each with a name and a price for via day numbers. Weirdly for us, our apartment was called trump14. (To get there I did /as tp trump14)

Now there is also a jobs plug in, you'd do /jobs join <jobname> The job I chose was miner because you could get money very quickly. There was varieties of plug ins they had. Like doctor/diseases plug in, money, warps, and such. I started my job with the starter items I got, iron armor, iron tools, and 32 baked potatoes. (And 32 torches) When my pickaxe died, after hours and hours of mining, I asked for a new one, but there was no response.

After awhile, I didn't go on it, because for me, I don't enjoy towny servers. When I was on the forums one day, I saw there was an architect job available for applications. I made an application, got on and got to work straight away. It was amazing, working, knowing how to do things, I got to know the staff there better. PurpleTurkey, IIAriusII, nibble (the owner), and such.

There is also a creative part (/warp creative confirm), yes you might lose exp while going, but I normally have none. I love the creative part because it's cool and you can transfer something you build to something called a plot. Plots are super cool, because you can do whatever on your plot. (Though they are 'hardish' to get and normally cost a lot..)

Overall, I found this server super fun, the staff nice, and people follow rules over there.

I give this sever a: 4.34 out of 5 stars.

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