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MCedit tutorial - Learn all of MCedit!

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Jacob Rigoberto avatar Jacob Rigoberto
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Jacobkolstad here, today I am going to explain how to learn all of MCedit.

Close minecraft before you open MCedit, or the world itself may break.


Q: What is MCedit?
A: MCedit is an vanilla tool for changing large areas or walls. With filters it can do much more though.

Q: Where can I get MCedit?
A: You can get MCedit herehttp://www.mcedit.net/(disclaimer: I did not make MCedit!)

Q: What is an filter?
A: An filter adds an extra option to MCedit, like making custom villager shops.

Q: Where can I get filters?
A: From many many different places, try searching sethbling.com or just google MCedit filters.

Q: What is an schematic?
A: An schematic is an .schematic file of an build. You can take an schematic and paste it into a world, and then you got the building in your world.

Q: Where do I get schematics?
A: Search "schematic" at PMC, you'll find some.

Q: How do I make a schematic?
A: I explain that later in the blog.

Q: Wait a minute, you said MCedit was vanilla?
A: It is. It does not change/add anything to minecraft, it uses features that minecraft allready has.

Q: I went on the same world with MCEdit and Minecraft at the same time, is the world corrupted?
A: Sometimes, the world turns unplayable. But there is nothing to do with that, try to log into the world again, if you cannot see anything wrong, then everything is fine. But really rare the world is broken.

Q: I turned on MCEdit and Minecraft at the some world at the same time and the world broke, what do I do!?
A: Send a PM to me with the crash report you get. I'll see if I can fix it. Most of the time it is just deleting some corrupted NBT-Tags, NBT-Tags may be really important for the world or they may just be some stupid thing you never knew was there.

Downloading MCedit:
You will have to go tohttp://www.mcedit.net/and press the windows download link at the left side. When you have done that, you must download 32 or 64 bit. I don't know what bit your computer got, just download the 32 bit version. Becuse 32 bit works if you have an 64 bit computer, but 64 bit don't work on an 32 bit computer. Now, just place the .zip folder at your desktop, then make an folder called whatever you want it to be called. Drag all stuff from the .zip folder into the folder you just made, and then delete the .zip folder, as you don't need it anymore. If you want to keep it, nothing will happen actually. Well, congratulations! You just downloaded MCedit! Run the .exe file inside the folder you have created, and it will open a weird black cmd route. Ignore it, that's just the console. The real MCedit route will open in a few sec. BTW: Every time you do something in MCedit, some text will appear in the console, ignore the text, as it only shows every movement you do. But don't x it out, who knows what happen then.

How to make a wall:
You should place two blocks in-game first: one at the buttom of the wall, and the other at the other side, and at the top. Then you enter MCedit and first press the first block you placed, then the other block. Then you find the "replace" button at the lower menu and find what block you want and press ok. Then you press replace. (This is working with roofs too, just saying, but I guess you allready know).

How to make a big block: (or small)
In-game, place 2 blocks, in the upper corner, and then one in the lower corner on the other side. Then you enter MCedit and first press the first block you placed, then the other block. Then you find the "replace" button at the lower menu and find what block you want and press ok. Then you press replace.

First of all you should like all times place 2 blocks in-game at the corners up and down. To make an schematic you need to select the area you want to copy, then press "export" at the left menu. Select where you want to place it, name it, and you has just saved an .schematic file! But how do you PASTE one!? Here is how: Press "import" at the lower menu, then find your schematic and click it two times, then press where you want it, easy.

Downloading filters:
You downloaded your filter, but where to place it? It won't work if it is not placed in the right folder! Here is where to place it:
Find the MCedit folder. Go into the "MCEdit-" folder, but I am very sure yours folder is named something other, sohow to see it is the right folder just go into it and check if they are VERY many files in there, if it is, your in right folder. If it is not, you're in wrong folder, Just press the back arrow and find the right folder. In the right folder you go into another folder again. Called "Filters" place the filter file(s) in there and open MCedit. There you go.

USING a filter:
You downloaded the filter, placed it right, and now, how to use it!? Easy, select the area you want your filter to affect and press the filter tab at the lower menu. It will pop up a menu with all filters, open the list of filters (press the filter name) and then find your filter and press it. I don't know what to do next now, all filters are different, and I can't do a tutorial for every single filter out there...

Saving a world:
Press "ctrl" and "s" at the same time. When it says it is saved (normaly takes 2-3 sec) just x out the MCedit. How can you tell it is saved you ask? Every block turns red for a moment.

Questions? Something I missed to tell? Just tell in an comment. If you liked this, I could use some diamonds in my crown. If you loved this tutorial, click that little hearth at the top to heal it! If you want more, press the big blue button that reads "subscribe".

Jacob out.
CreditThe MCedit team for making MCedit.

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01/09/2019 4:45 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Architect
MineBeast9182 avatar
§§§ They removed the color symbol from Minecraft, pasting and keyboard shortcuts don't work.
11/16/2018 7:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
MinecraftJack64 avatar
It says all worlds are the wrong type and can't edit, so can you help me? (The worlds are Vanilla)
10/27/2018 3:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
sugarshady avatar
11/15/2016 8:13 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
Fithen27 avatar
how do you move a project from one world to another
11/13/2016 5:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DieHardGamer3002 avatar
how do i check the amount of blocks in a specified area?
12/14/2016 8:09 am
Level 1 : New Miner
__Red__ avatar
If you have MCEdit 1.8/1.9, then you can just select an area and press "analyze". This gives you the amount of every single block in that area.
11/15/2016 10:06 am
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Jacob Rigoberto
Jacob Rigoberto avatar
If McEdit doesn't show this by default I'd imagine you'll need to install some sort of plugin into it. I have no idea anymore, though, since it's many years since I last used it.
06/11/2016 12:30 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
Jynx10565 avatar
Will you be able to load the world you've pasted a schematic in with regular Minecraft?
11/15/2016 10:07 am
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Jacob Rigoberto
Jacob Rigoberto avatar
Yes, you will.
03/29/2016 4:36 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
LaskaSnowWolf avatar
It doesn't show my schematic when i try to open it...
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