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McMeddons 2022 Terrain Roadmap

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McMeddon avatar McMeddon
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McMeddons 2022 Terrain Roadmap
Welcome to the McMeddons Map-Roadmap. This List will be used as a guideline for my projects, and kinda serves as my personal wishlist what I want to do over the next weeks.
This points are just the first few ideas i will work on, and probably expand overtime with your   input.

1.18: Yes, as soon as Worldpainter has the feature for greater heights, it will be implemented.

Currently, its limited to 0-256
  🟦 To be done
  🟩 Done

If you´d like to know what has been done / changed, check this post out:

Please feel free to share your ideas what you´d love implemented!

McMeddons 2022 Terrain Roadmap

2021 Dec

Advanced lowlands with, cuestas, ridges, terraces, gulps and plains

More advanced rivers, river delta´s, braided rivers
Advanced Snow slopes with better mountain peaks
+ adding paths

Changes to Cave Ore distribution with exposed air
ponds, lakes, basins


4k, 6k & 8k Map Sizes
Beach/Sea Shores and Cliffs update


Desert Dunes and Oasis + (giga) cherry trees
Hyper complex caves, and if needed adjusted 1.18 transition

Underwater volcano's, abyssal fans
Biome themed Caves

Ravines and Cravices
Dissected plateaus, for/in forest areas and Tepui mountains

Dedicated Fjords
Himalayan range with mountain lakes (idea by Aethmud), Glaciers

Dedicated Hoodoo areas & more variatons (Tall, thin spires)

Bigger Mesas and dedicated Badlands terrain, and Stone Archs
Terrain Swamp update - Marsch lands


Dedicated Archipelago´s and Atoll´s (idea by Goblin )

Yellowstone like geysers


As the maps progress, so is the complexity of my projects, currently im over 600 Nodes in, to create what you see today. So the Topics sometimes seem small, but are huge in preparation, but with the expierence from the last year, im looking forward to tackle the new challenges

McMeddons 2022 Terrain Roadmap

Various Single Projects

Stuff that didnt fit into the "realistic maps" categories, but wanted to do a few of these -list

🟦A combined "pangea" map with multiple existing maps(idea by Rando In The Stars)
🟦Floating Lands
🟦Single Biome Maps (Challange maps)
🟦Large scale 8k and 16k Maps as specials
🟦Enclosed Maps (Mountains at the Map Edge)
Challange Start, making spawn area enclosed and tough (idea by TotallyNotJFK)

"small terrain map with tall and thick walls around it with the objective of the map being to survive long enough in the enclosed space to either mine trough of climb the wall to get acess to a much more rich and bigger survival friendly terrain on the outside"
🟦Small scale 1k² Scene Maps for Builders (Free maps)
🟦Fantasy Forests - Forests high as Mountains (idea by InExFan)
🟦Stylistic themed villages (idea by InExFan)
🟦magical map like candy land (idea by babychewy)
🟦more structures in/above/below mountains (idea by OnlyJavier)
🟦desert world but the underground is full of caves and biomes and unique generation (idea by Totally Chris Pratt)
underground oasis cave/biome (idea by serpentem_Malfoy)
🟦Moon with craters! (idea by cyprezz)

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12/03/2021 3:51 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Bear
Silabear avatar
What is that app you use in the image?
12/02/2021 5:03 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Terraformer
Ivain avatar
Man, this is a nice approach to doing things. I look forward to seeing more of this, and honestly I need to make one of these myself. I don't really have a Patreon base to keep interested, but I'm sure my subscribers would be at least mildly interested.
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