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Me awesome idea about cinema!

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avatar Jurascuka5
Level 24 : Expert Lumberjack
Hello everyone. Today into me brains run a awesome idea!
So i will tell you bit about it.

In minecraft should be 2 new machines. One will be cinema block, and another one cinema computer. By putting cinema blocks you will can create bigger, and bigger screen. So, but now about me idea. There will be a place in game, there everyone can create them movies, by all keyboard characters. When they done it, they can make code for movie, and then everyone in every time every place by typing that code into cinema computer let show that move, vide, or picture in cinema screen. Also if you want put a real movie in. That aren't created by keyboard characters, then you must need to go again to the movie creator page. Put inside it link with video. If it will be in youtube then write in youtube video code. And again type ingame code for it. Then everyone by typing that code can see a real movie to screen.

So, what you say everyone about me idea? I think it will be cool when you can create your own movie, or put already existing video into big screen that will showen it. It will be good way how to make cinemas in servers!

Tell me at comments what you think about it.
If you like this blog you can feel free to diamond it :-).

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  • SuperME131
  • Level 16
  • Journeyman Mage
  • January 28, 2013, 11:15 pm
Good idea! Diamond for u!

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