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Mechanical - A short story

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Deep in space, far beyond anywhere explored by sentient beings, a flash of light briefly appeared near a supermassive black hole, and as the flash faded, a mechanical mind slowly began to awaken, and lights blinked to life in the darkness where the flash had appeared mere moments before. If anyone had been there to witness it, they would have been awestruck as, for the first time in eons, the ancient lights illuminated the form of a massive spaceship, large enough to generate its own slight gravitational field, it dwarfed many small moons, and soon the structure was fully illuminated, but throughout the entirety of the craft, only one singular set of metallic footsteps echoed through the halls as they headed towards the bridge. The door to the bridge slowly slid open, and rather than any organic beings, an obviously advanced robot entered, and as it connected itself to the ship, it briefly wondered about the fate of the organic species that it had once been a part of, and if it had made the right choice, but as quickly as they came, it pushed the thoughts away. The machine refocused on the task at hand, using its craft’s extensive equipment to scan the back hole and calculate all the needed information, the pilot had everything it needed within mere seconds. The ship began to turn, facing the black hole, and the pilot disconnected from the craft to return to the chamber it had just exited moments ago. As the robot approached its chamber, it paused in front of the capsule, and took a deep “breath”, the act, though unnecessary, bringing it a brief moment of comfort as it recalled its previous life. Releasing the artificial breath, the robot spoke a singular sentence into the empty void, “this, this is going to take a while, isn’t it?”, it then reluctantly entered the capsule it had emerged from as the craft slipped into FTL (Faster-Than-Light) space, heading directly into the heart of the black hole, wondering, not for the first time, and certainly not for the last, if it had made a mistake.

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Update #1 : by BookWyrm_ 02/02/2023 1:39:59 amFeb 2nd

Made some small fixes, and changed the final few sentences a bit

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