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Medieval Minecraft!

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hunterrift avatar hunterrift
Level 31 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
Why do so many people take up the medieval style of building in minecraft? Simple, it is perfect for all those fantasy/rpg style builds we do. All epic fantasy buildings you see around, take a close look at them, and what do you see? The basis for all these builds are usually set around medieval architecture! The fun part about the medieval/fantasy style of building is that you can add your own simple touches to it and make it looks epic! Even the texture packists now how popular it is! Just check out Dokucraft of other ones and see how much it gets a real fantasy feel into your builds. The simple thing of how much detail you can add to this style weather it be in a gatehouse, simple mill or barn to massive castles and gothic cathedrals the builds you can do in this style are epic! Just check out stuff from people like Creative Node, Jamziboy(The one that got me into medieval building styles) or just random people, and you can see how epic this way to build is! That's why i say "Medieval Minecraft all the Way!"

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06/24/2015 10:03 am
Level 25 : Expert Network
SunFlowerBloom avatar
This thing is awesome! You should create a tutorial on how to make it.
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