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Meet Reese!

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avatar An Intelligent Moron
Level 56 : Grandmaster Blockhead
so... this was one of the top three things that won in my 700 subscribers poll
so let's go, also it looks like my cat is begging for help in the photo but she was just trying to get out of my grasp(the only way she's allowed outside is if I'm holding her)(and i need to cut my hair eeSH)
Personal Life
Taken Name: Reese

D.O.B: May 7, 2004

Gender: Transmasculine

Sexuality: Questioning

MBTI Personality type: INFP-T
Color: Blue|Aquamarine

Song(s): "Paint It Black"-The Rolling Stones|"Fire on Fire"-Sam Smith

Animal: Domesticated cat. seriously. they are amazing.

Novel: "The Dream Thieves" by Maggie Stiefvater

Band/Musical Artist: Starset|T0P

Anime: Banana Fish

Meme: Shocked Pikachu
... not favorites
Color: Red & Bright Orange

Song(s): Mmm, I guess I don't *hate* any songs.

Animal: Crab

Novel: y'all already know i *despise* "Hocus Pocus & The All-New Sequel" by A.W. Jantha

Band/Musical Artist: Guns n' Roses


Meme: that stupid chungus thing




Wow, I have very few hobbies


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  • opheliaa
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • January 22, 2019, 1:24 pm
when you said skinning i thought you meant something else-
  • opheliaa
  • Level 1
  • New Explorer
  • January 22, 2019, 1:26 pm
shh i'm a strange person-
  • anxieuse
  • Level 56
  • Grandmaster Princess
  • January 20, 2019, 12:15 am
u look so familiar i swear
and ur so pretty
i have a cat, she is precious, and spoiled xD lovely cat btw
  • Offusab
  • Level 2
  • Apprentice Miner
  • January 13, 2019, 8:18 am
Your Face post looks like my friend Avery.. She goes to middle school... She is a 6th grader. You look like her. Sorry if that was mean....

two beans right 'ere

oh yes

Also congrats on 700 uwu
your cat is absolutely gorgeous
she really is
  • Gilran
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Architect
  • January 10, 2019, 12:57 pm
Hi! Your hair is beautiful, do not bother yourself :D Your cat is so cute , I like cats either and I have got two, Mimi (6 month old tabby) and Kormi (8 yo black).
My hair is too long for comfort, and omg, cats are the absolute best
  • Gilran
  • Level 3
  • Apprentice Architect
  • January 10, 2019, 11:00 pm
Then cut it all :D I understand this because I have got 4 training (2h long) per week. So I cut my hair really short compared for an average woman :D But I am doing kung fu and when you are in a fight it is more practical.
I wish. Since my hair is curly, I can't cut it further than my ears or it'll spring all the way up, sad!
Forgot your name was Reese for a second and thought it was the cat's name
to be fair reese would be a far better name for her
  • SimplyRabbit
  • Level 28
  • Expert Pokemon
  • January 10, 2019, 11:08 am
how dare thy insult the chungus

jk you are awesome 👍
  • enuoia
  • Level 21
  • Expert Narwhal
  • January 11, 2019, 1:42 pm
  • SimplyRabbit
  • Level 28
  • Expert Pokemon
  • January 11, 2019, 2:06 pm

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