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Mega Man Robot Masters (Original Characters, as Well as their Powers)

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Mega Man Robot Masters (Original Characters, as Well as their Powers)

This is a Culmination of a DAYs Worth of Sprite Work. I wanted to redesign both Maxblazer21 and My Custom Robot masters. Maxblazer21's Robot Master is Blaze Man! (Shown on Top, DWN-210) He has a Welding Mask to Cover Up his Face, as well as a Fuel tank on his back and Flamethrower as a Mega Buster. His Weapon is Flamethrower, A high Intensity Flame weapon that is able to cover up some amount of Distance. Then there is Mine... Squid Man! (Shown on Bottom, DWN-491) He is capable of Stretching his arms so long that he can hold onto the walls of the robot master arena room, accompanied by his Suction cup hands, he can secrete ink from the Tank on his back which can blind enemies. His Weapon is Ink Blast, a weapon used sort of like Pepper Spray, in that it is used to blind enemies. It can also be rideable, if it doesn't hit a target.

But this was done in an Entire day.... WORTH IT!

If you guys enjoyed, Please do comment down below, Because I can do Pixel art of People in Robot Master form... or Just comment something...

CreditMaxblazer21 (Mention)

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