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Her royal majesties' lovely castle hehe!! hheeehhheee!! -popreel

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Baboocu avatar Baboocu
Level 24 : Expert Prince
Hello hello,
welcome to my castle,
this isn't my original idea,
but i really like the idea so i made my own hehe,
i'm the queen Duh so bow
before me hehe
Oh and also it was on poppreel lol 😉 thank you guys😊😊

The front gate
through the front door
you are in the hall its very grand you got some options

The kitchen
in the kitchen there's a lot of maids cleaning after the marvels cooks which make delicious soups and food.you see a maid kissin' in the corner with a very ugly looking man
you ignore that and decide to look around

Cupboard 1
a lot of pasta with very green looking beans

Cupboard 2
cook books

Food food food a lot of food
delicious food

ice-cream hmm

the grand dinning room
there's a lot of chairs maybe 50 100! you have no clue,
but there in the dinning room you see that there's a throne where the pretty queen sits and eats her lovely dinner.
you go closer, to see that there's a cat instead.
you leave disappointed.

Space Cat Walking Pixel [F2U]

stairway going up
its very narrow and very long its a spiral staircase so you just run in circles

finally you've arrived
Door 1
you open. . .
And theirs a library

Book 1: title, the stars.
it's al about stars so dull
you start to yawn, you stop reading and pick another book.

Book 2: title, lala land
its a fairy tale (very interesting ehh?)

but its for kids so it's boring , you start thinking why the heck would the queen want
such a thing? ehh?

Book 3: title, none
hmm? you think what's this book abut?
you start reading and before you know it you fall asleep,
the clock ticks three the cook oo bird wakes you up. you realise that you got one more book to read.

Book 4: title, mystery
this book is so magical you can't stop reading, but then it ends ;(
you have to leave and go and explore the castle (there's no time for crying over a book) so you leave with tears in your eyes, you kiss the book bye, bye.
and move on.

Door 2
The bathroom
in the bathroom there's

A sink,
it's empty dude but very clean duh

a bathtub,
it's sunk

a box,
None of your damn business!
a toilet,
why the heck would you look in there?

And finally the laundry basket

Be a bad lad and don't clean her majesty's cloths
oh ;(

Be good lad and clean her majesty's cloths
thank you :)

Door 3
The bedroom
it's a very nice room with millions of plants

there's a beautiful desk very clean

Cupboard 1
neatly folded clothes

Cupboard 2
Locked as it's none but i mean NONE of your business!!

it's just a bed, that's where me, her majesty, sleeps

stairway going down
The basement
Door 1
there's a lot of wine, and cider
the queen loves those sort of things hehe
(but also loves coffee)

Door 2
A lot of jam and well boxes with food

The nice living
in the living there's a lot of plant, books, and other things,
her royal majesty love to sit here and drink her noble coffee.

Bookshelf 1
you see many books you pick out the most boring or fun

Book 1: title, how to draw a
well you open it and think of what to draw, it shows you a picture of how to draw
a very complicated looking eye and you frown at the book with a cry.

Book 2: title, Cats
you do love cats but not like this. this book explains a cats moves (very interesting indeed, but also very boring indeed).

Book 3: title, buttons
this is the most dullest book you could find
but there's something more about it, when you took the book of the shelf

it led to a button there was sign saying to not press
Be a smart lad and turn away
good smart :) you get some ice cream got to the freezer in the kitchen and you can eat :)

be a not so smart lad and press the button
it open ups to giant spider and gobbles you up
you wake up days later and you see your in the brig
;( sorry not sorry

just books its not because im to lazy to say anything here lol

Cupboard 1

Cupboard 2
OPEN! you just see a piece of parchment saying
"useless piece of paper"

Sofa 1
you try open it to see what's under it won't budge so you sit instead on it.

there's some drawers
drawer 1
empty only for a layer of dust and a pencil that's been lying around in there for over 100 years
drawer 2
a compass, a book that has only one page, and one something

on the desk there's a type writer a very nice looking laptop computer my mistake

and pens, with pens on them. nothing interesting only for the flowerpot with very nice looking flower which looks nothing like a rose

Sofa 2
very comfy

Bookshelf 2
books, books, and many other books,

the green house
a lot of plants, plants, and many more plants. oh an there's a bird called Cork

The garden
there's a lot of trees and paths'
that lead to all sorts of places.

Path 1
there's a gate
you open. . .
it leads to a veggie garden (very healthy),
your board. and you leave

Pather 2
it leads to another gate XD
you open the very nice carved wooden gate
and you see fruit trees after other fruit trees
it goes on what seems like forever so you leave

Pather 3
of course this path leads too 3 more paths

Path 1
it lead to yet another gate
of course the well known famous queen has to have a lot of
very tasty mushrooms, to grow herself
as you may know or may not know is that her royal majesty loves mycology.

Path 2
yeah i know another gate
yet this is a very nice ornamental garden with a lot of beautiful flowers
and trees (duh).

the tree house
in this tree house there's a lot
of beautiful creations' that her young majesty loves to build. she's an inventor that loves nature and technology, so she combines those two materials to make lovely robots and stuff.

this took a long time dude hope you enjoy <33
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01/31/2021 6:57 amhistory
Level 34 : Artisan uwu
bianagirl avatar
cool ! the horse is really nice !
09/29/2020 4:23 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
funnykitten1 avatar
Now I must subscribe to you because this amazing
09/29/2020 5:53 pm
Level 24 : Expert Prince
Baboocu avatar
Thank you for being my 110th sub ♡
09/29/2020 4:22 pmhistory
Level 18 : Journeyman Miner
funnykitten1 avatar
Nice. fun. now I wanna make one but I don't know how.
09/29/2020 5:52 pm
Level 24 : Expert Prince
Baboocu avatar
On your profile it says widgets, profile and submissions.
Press submissions OK, then press blog, and type check out new things with that, from here idk how to explain so you will have to figure it out OK it isn't hard at all, only when you start making the rooms you got to know when and where and stuff but many have figured it out by themselves like myself lol so I'm sure you can figure it out too !!
09/28/2020 5:22 pm
Level 78 : Legendary War Lord
Aspirin60 avatar
Funny story,lmao...Good job!XD
09/28/2020 6:26 pm
Level 24 : Expert Prince
Baboocu avatar
Did you explore everywhere ?
It took me a long time to get all that done and I will be doing more
09/28/2020 8:19 pmhistory
Level 78 : Legendary War Lord
Aspirin60 avatar
I don't;English is not my lenguage and it took me a while to read and understand a Blog... But i will read more in the next days... Time for me to stop and go bed,is night time,lol! :-D
09/28/2020 8:38 pm
Level 24 : Expert Prince
Baboocu avatar
Yeah where I am it's 3:36 in the damn morning I've been drawing up to this hour and I'm pretty tired, I also kinda want to read but I think I better sleep lol.
09/27/2020 1:36 am
Level 43 : Master Wisp
Alderleaf avatar
its really cool! tbh i looked at it because of the horse :>
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