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MelonCraft Review - Review #1


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avatar limethecritic
Level 3 : Apprentice Engineer
IMPORTANT NOTE - THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT, they did not ask me to do this, and they are not paying me to do this, i do not get payed. and i am not encouraging you to join it.

OverView - Meloncraft is a 1.12.1 Minecraft survival server with very little plugins which makes it pretty fun to go on with your friends, it has a random teleport pressure plate and a shop, which makes it easy to find a place and build a house.

Plugins - There are 33 plugins, most of which allow for enhanced survival such as, HorseTpWithMe, RandomTeleport, WorldGuard, etc.
WorldGuard Plugin: the WorldGuard plugin is a home protection service to make it so that your stuff does not get blown up or stolen, to use it you do /kit claim, then use the shovel and click on the ground you want to make yours.

Q&A (well kinda, its just me asking the owner questions)

Me: do you have any unique plugins different from other survival servers?
Owner: we don't need special unique string of code to be a great server.

Me: are there any claim home/land system
Owner: yes, we have grief prevention (more info on that in Plugins)


This is the main section of this blog, the actual review, i will try to be as fair as i can with these reviews because some might be more fun in my opinion that others, but i will judge them on how professional it looks and acts and how many glitches there are.
i rate it 3.5/5
I gave it a point for having a nice community, in it there were mostly people talking about the things that they were building the spawn. i gave it a point for having a nice spawn, professionally made, although i do think that they could improve on the hills around the base.

IP: rintintin.beastmc.com

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