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MELTING AWAY - A snowy tale of great happiness and tragedy

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avatar KingJake
Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
If only my fear were not so esoteric
Intertwined with the darkness
The glimmer of the moonlight: atmospheric
Trepid, I qualm upon another carcass.

Arcane secrets do but hold the truth
Yet I avail my buried inner hope
Learnèd back upon my ghastly youth
This mortal being succours me; let me cope.

Revival of spirit; of life.
Kindred desires react;
The elements in strife
Upon here an ally: abstract.

My paternal figure birthed by me,
Protects me with loving intention.
If only forever would he keep me company,
I breath on, grace to his divine intervention.

Threatened am I by the lapse of the lands:
But I must fear not,
For I am in your safe hands.
Never would you leave me to rot.

In these desolate realms we stay together,
Those dark coal eyes enlighten your story.
When we do our duties will we live forever,
Our monotonous actions must bring us glory.

If only our love could be immortal
For as the pattering of water blows-
Stricken am I, seeing you mortal
But I reminisce; you are the protector I chose.

Their war cry has me shaken:
Now it is time; I must go.
Never, I vow to leave you forsaken.
As, again, you unite with the snow.

Alone I feud and brawl:
Merely today may my profit be discerned.
Upon the offering monolith I call-
That bittersweet lessons have been learned.

In safety I wait upon your hallowed grave,
My new protector I create in shame:
A new life of which I gave;
But it will never be the same.

I hope you enjoyed reading my poem. If you have questions regarding the meaning of any stanza, feel free to throw me a message.
This poem was originally created for the Life of a Snow Golem Blog Contest. If you feel it is worthy, please diamond my work so it can reach the finals.

Thank you.

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