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avatar Haleii
Level 4 : Apprentice Crafter
...I can hear his footsteps behind me...
If you are reading this you will never know my me.
I'm afraid of the world after all of this... I need to run away, away from here. Yes here. Here.

But I might as well tell my story.

My name is Alex.

I'm 16 years old, I have green eyes, average-length hair , and I wear whatever I can scavenge, which is usually a green blouse and brown pants.

I'm afraid of the dark, which doesn't do much for me considering I live in the middle of nowhere. 6 miles away is a little gas station i go to now and then. Although I don't have much money to buy even a candy bar 50% off, I like to socialize, and because we are in the middle of nowhere, people like to scare us with little tales, which we always laugh at and ignore. One day a small boy walked in, maybe 11 or 12 years of age. His hair was ratted, fear and tears filled his blue eyes. "What's wrong?" I heard an older woman say to the child, comforting him and wiping his tears. "There was a s-scary m-man outside." The older woman, curious, asked "Well what did the man look like?" The boy sniffled and controlled himself, although he was shaking pretty hard. "He had a light blue shirt, dark blue pants, and a beard. He had.... " His eyes once again were fear-filled. "His eyes...." He ran into the bathroom and locked himself in, a muffled cry coming from inside screamed "Give me mercy!"

We all though the kid was insane, he was small and walking in the dark so he probably though he saw someone scary, so we thought nothing of it. He came out sometime later and the cashier gave him a candy bar, and he left. We hadn't seen the boy ever since, we thought his mother found him and brought him back, maybe even a police officer.

Ever since the little guy left my stomach had been churning, as I'd been working on upgrading my little home I've had the feeling someone was watching me, but I knew it was because all of the scary stories the townspeople had been spreading around as a sick joke. I would work through the day and into the night so I could finish it. One night while I was finishing up the roof of my house the wind swished through the trees, a strong wisp of the air swirled around my ear, and I could swear I heard the word clearly whisper. "Mercy". I ignored it and continued to build. I dropped my hammer and it slid down and the steep roofing work, dropping into the dirt. "Ugh. Seriously?" I said as I swore complaints, carefully climbing off of the roof and onto the soil, the wind blowing my hair back. I squinted so I wouldn't get rocks and sand into my eyes, grabbing my hammer and staring into the distance. I saw eyes, glowing white eyes piercing into my soul. I screamed "Who are you and what do you want in this area!", thinking it was a lost fellow. The eyes didn't move, and the person didn't say a thing. I continued to stare into them so I could try and see clearly, and the wind slowly stopped. The man was wearing a light blue shirt, and I dropped my hammer, running into the house, crying in fear. It was just like the boy said.

Of course you probably think I'm overreacting, it could've been a sheep or something completely different you might say.

But you are wrong. They were eyes, they made me feel so sick... I can't even explain it. You would have to see it yourself, I was horrified, I heard screams in my head, i got painful headaches for 5 years. All of this is making me go insane, that's why I'm leaving and never returning.

But that's not all. I would wake up in the middle of the night to see Herobrine leaning over me, entrancing me with his eyes.
Still it's worse, right now at this moment I can hear footsteps, the screams in my head, the cries of children echoing every day and night... I hear him, I don't know what to -


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  • WhoIsThis
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  • May 24, 2016, 6:16 am
Wow that is nicely written!

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