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Methods with dealing with rage/anger with video games.

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Hey guys! This is my first legitimate blog. Today i'll be talking about anger. And how to deal with it.

Number 1:

I have a little problem with anger myself, I usually get mad when lose at Minecraft Survival Games. If you want to let your anger out here's my favorite way. Step 1: Open up Notepad on your computer. Step 2: Just start typing why you're mad. Example, *Lost a Survival Game by a cheap kill, Opens up Notepad* "THIS SO UNFAIR! I TOTALLY HAD HIM!" IMPORTANT: Do NOT let out your rage in the chat! That will make the people in the chat think you're bonkers and not cool.

Number 2:

If you're playing a Console game and you're on mic and someone is making fun of you. Either take off your headphones and breath in and out slowly, Or just ignore or mute. Just don't talk back. Now if you're not on mic and you're getting mad at the game. Either pause and quit and just breathe in and out. Going outside on a sunny day is also a good thing to do.

Number 3:

If you're dealing with rage with anything get a close friend or a parent to help you. They won't make fun of you. It will make you feel a lot better. And if your friend does make fun of you then I don't think that's a true friend.

Well, that's all I got for now for this short blog. PM me if these methods aren't working for you.

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