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Hopper's 10 Questions! (Finished)

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Level 33 : Artisan Artist
Hey guys!
So today I'm doing something a little different. On the forums, I asked you guys to give me ten questions to ask a random user. I picked a user randomly from the 10 people who asked the questions. Want to ask a question and get picked for an interview?
Ask one here, on the forums!

[NOTICE: This series is over, but more will be coming soon.]

Latest Guest: SonicFan1011!

Round 20: SonicFan1011
I'm a gamer that spends 90% of my free time playing Video Games. My favorite, of course, is the Sonic the Hedgehog series (not the dark age!). I'm also a big fan of Halo, Mario, and SWTOR. My favorite food is Biscuits 'n' Gravy. I absolutely despise Algebra II.

1. What do you do when the cops find you (Asked by errorkn!) 

If I get caught, I pretend I don't speak English.

2. Would you rather kiss a Pikachu’s cheek and get shocked or would you rather kiss the ugliest and dirtiest person in the world and get licked and kissed by him afterwards? (Asked by ThePikachu2!) 

Tough question, but I think I'll go with Pikachu. Can't be that bad. Or it could be...

3. What's your favourite server? (Don't include the IP, just say the server's name) (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!) 

Without a doubt, MC Infected.

4. If you had to be turned into an animal for the rest of your life, which one would you choose? (Asked by Star!) 

A Hedgehog. (Was there ever any doubt?)

5. Best use of an afternoon for you:

A) Taking a nap
B) Reading a book
C) Playing video games
D) None of the above? (Asked by TheNuggetMan!) 

Playing video games? HECK YEAH! :D

6. Do you think the chicken even made it to the other side of the road? (Asked by you!) 

No, I think he got hit by a car. Or a monster truck.

7. Chaos Control or Instant Transmission? Which would you use and why (You can only use one and never learn/use the other)? (Asked by PKMNlegendJAMES!) 

INFO for those reading that wouldn't know
Chaos Control: Allows the user to manipulate time and space by use of a Chaos Emerald. In this case, assume you would only use Chaos Control for teleportation and not anything else. Two disadvantages are that, while not in this case, Chaos Control can take time to use and if a Chaos Emerald is not in possession, your link to the Chaos Force is restricted shorter than with a Chaos Emerald, meaning Chaos Control would have weakened effects.
Instant Transmission A technique which instantly transmits you to another person. The two disadvantages are the requirements to sense that person's energy and to be able to concentrate, since it is a Ki technique.

I think I'd use Chaos Control, because it wouldn't require 2 people, and because I can still use a weak version of it without a Chaos Emerald.

8. Which Minecraft mob is most like you and why? (Asked by GlissandoGirl!)

Most like me? Um... Squid... because they do nothing, and I do nothing. kind of.

9. How many dirt blocks does it take to fill an Olympic size swimming pool? (Asked by Shiny_Underpants!) 

Uh.... Em... 100? Perhaps?

And the last question ever is... 

10. Why is Morgan Freeman so amazing? (Asked by GBirkle!) 

I might get some hate for this... but I have no idea who Morgan Freeman is... I've heard of him... but I don't know who he is. I suppose he would be awesome because he can probably kick some serious butt. And if he can't, he could learn to. :)

Thank you SonicFan1011, and thank you everyone. For asking questions, for answering them, and reading them. 
Thanks so much! I'm gonna do something like this soon, so stay tuned. 

Round 18: AquilaeVolanti!
Hey there, random person. I'm Aquilae, or Volanti, either works. My friends call me "aquiqi". lol. I am a Tolkien nerd, Trekkie, Whovian, you name it - I am into a lot of useless stuff. I play Dota, and main on Riki. And RikixAquilae is OTP according to MissMarifire XD. If you really want to know what my name is, I ain't gonna tell. Unless I really get to know ye. Fun fact: I met WonderCat IRL. And as a side note, you'll see that I will answer most of these questions QUITE sarcastically.

1. If you have 26 green pancakes, and the dinosaur is on the toilet, when do you shave? (Asked by Lexigall123456!)  

When hell freezes over.

If you had a machine that granted you one wish, what would you wish for? (Asked by you!)  

I would wish for a Tardis. Or another machine that granted unlimited wishes, for that matter.

3. Would you permantly shave your head for the rest of your life for £ 598086.00 ( One million $ ) (Asked by AnimeTofu!)  

Oy. Toughie. Knowing that I can always just wear a wig, then yes.

4. Do you plan on answering all these questions? (Asked by TruelyJ64!)  

OF COURSE I DO. Why did I sign up for this anyways? -- oh wait, I didn't.. HOPPER >:/

(Hopper: Muhahahaha!)

5. I don't have a question... but I have a riddle! 

Thirty white horses on a red hill,
First they champ,
Then they stamp, 
Then they stand still.  

2 fathers and 2 sons went fishing together at a lake. Each person caught a fish but there were only 3 fish in the lake. How was this possible? (Asked by Will3crafter!)  

Either they split a fish in half, caught the same fish, or I just have to blaim magic. BURN THE WIZARDS!

6. You have a wood stick and your name is Jordan. Are you a cat that eats dogs? (Asked by errorkn!)  

No. I am an Eagle that eat's PMC members.

7. Why? (Asked by le stop!)  


8. Who will be the next SkyDoesMinecraft? (Asked by ThePikachu2!) 

Uhhh.. No idea... //nervously points at Jetra

9. do you know....  

the muffin man? (Asked by guitar god 1998!)  

I know DatMuffinMan, and I've been to Baker street. Does that count?

Will there ever be a time when people don't go crazy over blatantly obvious trolls on YouTube?(Asked by PKMNlegendJAMES!)  

Apparently not.

Thanks AquilaeVolanti!

Here are the preavious guests: 

Planet Minecraft is so screwed up. Like, seriously. It has deleted half of the interviews and now it won't let me edit under them. I'm sorry, but it's not my fault. :T

Round 1 - MGB_!

Hey everybody!
I'm Kat, better known by many of you as MGB. I am a female and I'm generally a PMC addict. I've been around for quite a while (about 2 and 3/4 years now). I mainly blog, however I haven't been doing that much lately, and I've become more active on the forums as of recently. :3

1. If the peanut ate the chicken sandwich, what did Bob do at Walmart on April 24th? (Asked by CheesyRice!)

Well, I image he would ask the peanut why he are the poor chicken sandwich! 

2. Why are swiftness potions so awesome? (Asked by Swift394!)  

ummmm. I'm not really qualified to answer this, as I have not played Minecraft in 6+ months now. 

3. What is the most inspirational thing your parents have ever said to you? (Asked by Aethroz!) 

yah know, I've thought about this, and I can't really think of anything. Kinda sad. My parents are generally discouraging of most of what I like to do, so. 

4. How would you describe your social life outside of PMC? (Asked by you!)  

Outside of PMC (and the internet and general) I have a very limited social life. By this, I mean I don't have very many friends. However, the ones I have I love like family, and I wouldn't like it any other way. 

5. How long have you been a Minecraft player? (Asked by UltraOblivion!)  

well, I don't know the exact time, but I started playing during Beta 1.3. 

6. If a book falls on a roof, why did you smell like a potato? (Asked by UltimateBuilds!)  


7. Do you like pie. ("Asked" by bobbiecraftstoday123!) 

Eh, I find pie ok. In fact, I prefer cake. Let's be honest, pie can't compete with cake. Stick candles in a cake, it's a birthday cake. Stick candles in a pie, somebody is drunk in the kitchen. Also, you've never heard of a hot chick jumping out of a pie, have you? No! It's too messy!

"I'm here!"

"... Go take a shower."

8. What is your favorite server? (Asked by atabler!)  

don't have one. XP

9. what came first me or the egg :D (Asked by 8686creeper!) 

The egg. 

10. If you had 6 minutes to live what would you do? (in less that 100 words) (Asked by HighVoltageNetwork!) 

I would probably tell my friends/family that I was going to die, and I would tell them all how much I loved them. :3

Round 2: Aethroz
I'm Aethroz, Gamer, Native Texan, Guild Leader, and Computer Lab Manager. Newish to PMC, but quite active in forums, skinning, and blogs. I'm in a long term relationship, I have a dog named Kreechar, and cashews come from a fruit. I am worried because some of these questions are quite in-depth. Yet at the same time I'm disappointed because some of these questions are pretty sad... I'll do my best to answer all questions in an honest and jovial fashion.

1. What would you do if potatoes took over the world? (Asked by coolgirl1212!) 

Well, that would depend on if the potatoes gained sentience or not. For A, let's assume they do. For B, let's assume they don't.

A: I would immediately appeel(haha bad pun) to their sense of self-loathing. Anybody who grows up underground is going to loathe themselves at least a little bit. I would be the potato overlords closest advisor. Slowly gaining their trust as they destroy all of the carrots in the land. (They have a need to be the main underground sentient food item). Then, using a cunning device made of string, a binder clip, 73 toothpicks, and 4 army battalions, I would drown them all in boiling vegetable oil. Instant world president status for me.

B: The last two sentences of A.

2. What happens when a armadillo is defenestrated because he is a peccadillo (Asked by weasal!) 

People should not ask silly questions. Everybody knows that armadillos are fillagrillo next to a bowl of pescadillo when they are defenestrated. Duh. Seriously though, Idk how a armadillo would become a little messup or sin(thats what a peccadillo is). Though, armadillos are awesome looking when they roll up. Defenestrated means to throw somebody from power. uz goggle plz.

3. Why do we kill people who kill people to show them that killing people is wrong? (Asked by Ultra_Gaming!)  
Jeez that one is a hard hitting one... Good luck :I 

Because if people could kill and suffer little to no consequences, they would  do it more often. Killing killers keeps killers from killing. We aren't showing the person that already killed, that killing is wrong. We are showing the people who have considered killing that they shouldn't do that.

4. If you could travel to anywhere with your handy dandy time machine, where would you go? (Asked by Star642000!) 

Go back and invest in Google. Then travel to Oct 8 at 12:17 AM in Alaska to see the lunar eclipse, during the aurora borealis, visual perfection.

5. Whats your favorite animal? (mob or real animal) (Asked by atabler!) 

My dog Kreechar! Besides him, probably a black panther. Guenwhyvar, 'nuff said.

6. Why do you spend money on frivolous things instead of putting it toward helping somebody? (Asked by you!)  
My word, another serious one... Welcome to 10 questions, where we make you question your life morals! 

Because I care about what I can see. I(and most people) know in my head that others are in pain, and my money would be better spent helping them, or researching ways to cure them. I just don't feel the effect of giving donating money somewhere to a company. 

7. You are a bus driver. On the first stop, you pick up 5 people. On the second stop, you pick up 7 people and drop off 3 people. On the third stop, everyone gets off. What is the bus driver's eye color?(Asked by gummybearbobert!) 

Red, the only reason I'd exit the bus is my shift is over, therefore my eyes are red because I'm tired, or there is a fire and my eyes are red because of the smoke from the fire.

8. what's the most awkward situation you have ever been in? (Asked by savagedwarf_11!)  

Summer camp in California mountains. Woke up wearing women’s clothing. No alcohol or drugs involved. Nobody ever admitted what happened. I never got my clothes back.

9. What is your food of your favorite? (Asked by teamades!) 

Steak. Medium rare. With 3 eggs over medium, and 9 slices of thick mesquite smoked, peppercorn bacon. Sweet Tea to drink.

10. What's your biggest pet peeve? (Asked by ImaLittleCreeper!)  

Sound of people chewing, and the sound of people brushing their teeth. Makes me want to drive their head through a wall. A brick wall. I have Misophonia. The sounds that trigger me(chewing and brushing teeth) throw me into intense rage. I have to walk away or I would physically lash out.
Round 3: DalekPotato!
Hi! I'm DalekPotato, a girl from Australia. My favourite food is ANYTHING sweet. I love Shojo Manga and my favourite has to be Furuba. My favourite subject at school would have to be German and Japanese because i'd love to be a journalist when i'm older and i love to learn new languages. it's so interesting! I'm commonly known at my school for being friends with like 5 boys.

1. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? (Asked by GG50!)  

about 3.

2. how many aliens wear hats on pancake flavoured rooftops? (Asked by you!)  

purple, because aliens don't wear hats.

3. Why are Pokemon so inexperienced in Poker? (Asked by Lucariocios!)  

because with 3 fingers, mewtwo can't hold the cards.

4. Why do you like Minecraft.. ( and swiftness ) (Asked by Swift394!) 

because potatoes. swiftness is great.

5. WHAT did the fox say exactly? (Asked by Ender_Eely!) 

woof. they're part of the dog family, duh

(Hopper here! I heard fox and I couldn't help but butt-in. She's right- Foxes are part of the canine family, so they bark and yip! There barks are much higher-pitched and cuter though) 

6. If you could have 10 million dollars, or a 7 million dollar house, 1 million dollar vehicles, 3 million dollar access for your house including gaming stuff, which would you choose and why? None of the items may be sold (Asked by Aethroz!) 

7 million dollar house so i could get away from my brother.

7. Are you a nerd? (Asked by vikki7783!) 

i'ma geek, not a nerd. .w.

8. If someone offered you an armadillo named Henry, would you accept it? (Asked by TheNuggetMan!) 

only if they renamed henry to george.

9. If suddenly a fedora appears on your head and the police are following you, were did your pants go? (Asked by zoossrocks!) 

underneath a zebra named bob.

10. What is your favourite food to eat with a spoon? (Asked by Leeanne!) 

cake. black forest cake, tbh.

Round 4: Thibaut!
Ok my name is Thibaut, I'm a guy (don't laugh its french) I am 10 (a tad bit young) I play portal and watch many youtubers. I play hockey, tennis, basketball, and piano(classical music). I go to Oak **** Academy I live in eastern U.S. I go to 4th grade ,but I'm as smart as an 8th grader. I have steam and I play MC. I'm also good at random #'s. #Betterthanallatrandomhashtagswairytdarnit,#bettergrammerzdanall.Well that's me and please sub to me!. Now to the questions!

1. What to is your favorite potion? (choose swiftness.. OR ELSE) (Asked by Swift394!)  

My favorite potion is.........dun dun dun dun swiftness. (Woulda chose haste if it was a potion).

2. How do you feel about work/content on youtube and pmc always misjudged due to views, subs, and popularity? (Asked by ThePikachu2!)  

I feel really bad, because there are some awesome videos mods texturepacks, etc. out there, but just because of the views, subs etc. they are ignored. Then again on youtube if there is a video that says CLICK ON THIS FOR 1MILLION DOLLARS and it has all dislikes and 10 views I think it is ok.

3. Do you like waffles. (Asked by bobbiecraftstoday123!)  

Do you like waffles?
Yeah, we like waffles!
Do you like pancakes?
Yeah, we like pancakes!
Do you like French toast?
Yeah, we like French toast!

4. What are you good at doing when playing Minecraft? (Asked by ibo02!)  

Well I'm good at (Spends 10 hours thinking) mining, pvp, flying, some redstone mechanics, and finally swimming.

5. Since the 2012 apocalypse didn't happen, what is the next date that the world will "really" end?(Asked by TheNuggetMan!)  

It will happen in 13,337(years), In the first second of the third minute in the third hour on the third day of July.

6. When everyone dies why are you still alive? (Asked by zoossrocks!)  

Because I'm no one / because God thinks I'm the best(Or has pity of/on me).

7. How did you get drawn to the site? (Asked by Skullduggerycain!)  

I got drawn to the site because my friend drew me on the si.....(notices that it is the other meaning of draw)oh um I was watching youtube videos then it linked me to PMC then thats the story :D.

8. What is your opinion on the strength of Droids in the popular Playstation 2 and Xbox game, Star Wars Battlefield 2! (Asked by MGB_!)  

Droids are so strong Chuck Norris was blown up when the droid touched him. (Never played Battle field so don't hate on me).

9. What is your favorite emoji, or smily? Why? :D :) ;) :( :o :shock: :? 8-) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :geek: :D :) ;) :( :o :shock: :? 8-) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :evil: :twisted: :roll: :!: :?: :idea::arrow: :| :mrgreen: :geek: (Asked by you!)  

I like devilish,and idea cause I always get ideas cause I'm smart and devilish cause I'm devilish.

10. What is your least favorite flavor of salmon: Gum flavor, creamsicle flavor, or cherry limeade flavor? (Asked by Cool_Time22!)  

I like creamsicle the most, because thats my favorite dessert at school and my least fav is cherry limeade, because even though I like cherry I don't like dat limeade doe.

Thanks for having me on and I know that I'm Sexy/Beautiful/Handsome.(Not really just trying to make myself feel better or maybe glasses are the new "thing" xD.

Thanks thibaut! Thanks for asking a question! And wha- HEY! Glasses ARE hot!

Round 4: Lucariocios
I am Lucariocios. I am a male... I am at the very young age of 11 :P I love Planet Minecraft, Its communiy is amazing... I love Portal 2... I craze for it... I love Pokemon, no duh. I make the Ender Sword Novel.... Yes. Me And Hopper are friends :P..... My favourite PMC'er is Hopper. :) I love his comic and he is an inspiration for me... Thanks Hopper :D

(Hopper: Aww, shucks...) 

1. What would you do if you only had swiftness potions in minecraft? (Asked by Swift394!) 

Throw them at an Iron Golem and watch him go :D

2. Given the choice between the two of them, would you take the Grinch or the seasick crocodile?(Asked by TheNuggetMan!) 

Seasick Crocodile, the grinch is too creepy.

3. Why is it that when Miley Cyrus wears very little clothes and licks a hammer, it's "art" and "music," but when when I do it, I'm escorted out by Menarss security? (Asked by MGB_!) 

Because Miley Cyrus is special (No she isnt)

4. If you could be any supernatural being, what would it be?? (Asked by CrystalLight!) 

An Ice Man. Because Ice is amazing. End. Of. Story

5. Why are Pokemon so inexperienced at Snakes and Ladders? (Asked by you!) 

Because Wobbufet cant reach up the Ladder

6. If you saw Bodil40 or ZexyZek, two experienced trollers, would you become there friend or just hop off? Or would you do something else? (Asked by ThePikachu2!) 

I would bring them onto my server, and scare the living daylights out of them.

7. If you could meet anyone in the world right now who would it be? (Asked by ImaLittleCreeper!) 


8. Why is my sableye so OP? (Asked by HSPadawan!) 

Because he isnt weak to anything (If you dont count X and Y because Fairy type is OP)

9. Did you know I hacked your PC? (Asked by starrynight!) 

O Hell Na

10. Why did your dog vomit on your cat? (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!) 

Because it swallowed a rainbow doge

Thanks, man!
Round 5: ImaLittleCreeper
I'm thirteen going on fourteen, I love birds, but timneh african grey parrots are my favorite. I really want to go to MIT for college. I spend all day on my computer, playing games, working on blogs, PMC in general, facebook and studying. I run the PMC survivalists club, of which I'm very proud of. I love alot of games, but I also play sports. I love the show House M.D.. I like interviews, but this is the only one I've done on PMC (so far anyways ;)). I also love meeting people on PMC so you'll can feel free to PM me. Man I can't think of anything else about myself at the moment. Curse you brain. (Hi dad!)

1. What is the most interesting thing that's happened to you lately?
 (Asked by you!) 

I like this question, whoever asked it is a cool person, anyways I got a new timneh African grey baby (parrot) its name is Kawi and it’s weaning off of wet food at the moment. 


2. Who sold seashells by the seashore? (Asked by vikki7783!) 

Seashore= Beach= Outside= No one

3. How did The Doctor regenerate a twelfth time? No seriously, im just like what the hell happened there? (Asked by LlamaQueen!) 

I don’t know anything about Doctor Who (don’t murder me :s).

4. Why is 1.8 not out yet? (Asked by HSPadawan!) 

Blame Paril. But if you want a serious answer, it’s because coding isn’t all fun, they’re probably fixing a bunch of mess ups right now.

5. If hoes were used as shears, axes as flint & steel, shovels as name tags and pickaxes as bread, what would swords be used for? (Asked by Seemmetor!) 

Crafting tables, duh. 

6. If there was only one potion in minecraft, what would you choose? (Asked by Swift394!) 

I like health potions (don’t kill me either :s)

7. What is your favorite non-electronic pastime? (Asked by TheNuggetMan!) 

“Non-electronic” that’s a thing? I’m just kidding, I love playing with birds a lot, and doodling.

8. What is the worst punishment your parents have given you, that you deserved? (Asked by Aethroz!) 

Taking away my desktop computer…. then scratching it….

9. What is ur birthstone???? (Asked by CrystalLight!) 


10. Why do cats hate dogs & the other way 'round (Asked by atabler!) 

Because dogs know cats are actually mutant mice, and dogs are firm believers that cannibalism is wrong.

Thanks ImaLittleCreeper!
Round 6: atabler!
Well hi! I'm atabler (you proobly know that :P) I'm a girl, and I 
absolutely, LOVE cats!!Q!1! I have a little grey kitty named Abby, She's
just the sweetest cat possible! If I told you all the good qualitys 
about her.... It'd take up the whole interveiw XD! Anyway, ON TO THE 
MAIN ATTRACTION! *cough cough*

(This is Abby!) 

1. Do you think size 256 plots are too big in plotworld? (Asked by jacieleavell!) 

Nuuuu! I love the mostest building place possible!

2. Why am I such a boss? (Asked by Born2Kill_!) 

You 'aint! I AM!

3. Jim has three apples. He gives 2 away. Calculate the mass of the sun. (Asked by Emiel97!) 

Its something. Always gotta be something... I stink at math... xD

4. What question would you most hate to have to answer truthfully in front of the live PMC community.(Asked by Aethroz!) 

Oh seriously. I guess it would be "What do you like best about dogs"

5. Do you like Pandas or giraffes?? (Asked by CrystalLight!) 
I like your username! Oh and the answer would have to beeeeee.... Giraffes!

6. If you were given a choice between working at your dream job 
for 40 years and working a higher-paying job you hate for 20, which job 
would you take?
 (Asked by TheNuggetMan!) 

Dream jooob! (exept that'd be a store owner so I could pick how many hours :P)

7. Would you rather be stuck in a pitch black room with your 
worst fear for three hours, or be stuck in a brightly lit room with your
worst fear for three hours?
 :shock: (Asked by KO_Moron_[x_x]!) 

My worst fear is a murderer..... I don't think i'd like to see me killed so.... pitch black if you please..... 

8. What is your favourite animal? (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!) 

*Cough cough* CATZZZEZZES! *cough*

9. Why is it hard for people who just started Minecraft and know the basic controls? (Asked by kohbe12!) 

*looks at suspiciously* How do yooou know zat? echem anyway................

10. If you could add ONE thing to minecraft, what would it be? (Asked by you!) 

CATS BEING ABLE TO DO MORE!!!!! (they r so cute! Wouldn't want em to be put to waste right?)

Thanks atabler! That was great!
Round 7: WelshCake
I'm just a small town boy, born and raised south Wales not Detroit. I enjoy many of the little things in life, but I dream big. I've been a Minecrafter since Beta 1.8, and it doesn't feel as long as it actually has been! (It's crazy! Xbox version has been out for 2 years, yet I remember the day it came out as I played on it for 28 hours upon release with my buddies!)

1. You are a middle class citizen. Would you rather give the supplies to a low class citizen so they can BECOME a middle class citizen, or become a high class citizen yourself? (Asked by Rawkstarscotty!) 

 If the low class citizen shows potential for success then yes. Give the low class citizen the tools and help them rise up the ranks and join them in the success.

2. Why can't I think of a really good question? (Asked by HSPadawan!) 

Because you know I am too much of a man for your question to handle!

3. What is your favourite feature added to Minecraft and why? (Asked by You!) 

Hoppers are GAME CHANGERS! 

(Hopper: wait what) 
It is so difficult to play Xbox Minecraft because of the fact hoppers don't exist  yet on there! I'm waiting for an update that will bring them so I can create more automated contraptions!

(H: OH yeah the block, sorry...)

4. Other than the fact SkyDoesMinecraft says Butter, why does he have more subs than Paulsoaresjr, the first person to upload a minecraft video? (Asked by ThePikachu2!) 

Sorry who? I can't even pronounce Paulsoaresjr! That's why! SkyDoesMinecraft is easy to remember and catchier!

5. What book are you currently reading? (Asked by atabler!) 

I am re-reading 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coehlo and also 'The Butterfly Experience'.

6. What is 1 + 3 + cat + dog + horse + 65748383483924938348 x 67 + goat? (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!) 

Rule 34...
(H: okay moving on)

7. You are in a room. It is your bedroom. In your bedroom you have 6 complex items, and 6 simple items. What are they? Only the things in your bedroom, you are allowed to interact with, or even touch(besides the floor and the air, -_-). Your spouse will have to do everything else for you. 
Complex means moving or processing parts. Example: Computer, keyboard, Human being, pets. 
If you get a complex machine, all cords/cables are included. 
Chair-Standard 4 legs, wood chair. 
Bed-No remote for firmness or heat. 
That sorta thing. 
Also Clothes, food, and drink are not included in this. Dishes/silverware are. 
(Asked by Aethroz!) 

I'm probably going to be living like this next term of Uni, urm... lets see:
Hermione's bag from Deathly Hallows filled with junk food (Pringles & Pepsi)
Collection of comics, 
DVD's of old Dinsey & Nickelodeon shows (Drake & Josh, That's so Raven etc...)
Triple bed because a double bed = no space for me if my girlfriend sleeps in it (she sleeps in a starfish position)
Desk for computer,
Miley Cyrus Bobble Head,
Basket ball net & a bin underneath,
Minecraft Foam Pickaxe to bop my girlfriend on the head with when she snores...

8. What do you prefer, a good book or a movie to watch? If you prefer movies, do you like to watch them with others or by yourself? Also, if you prefer books more, do you enjoy when someone is reading the book for you and let you listen or do you like to read it by yourself? (Asked by algkotten!)  

A good movie of course! I am an aspiring film maker and just last month I watched 33 movies haha! I prefer to watch movies by myself so that way I can watch all the bad ones and risk some bad ones without having to worry about other people enjoying the movie or getting the humor in it. 

9. What, of the things you've tried for the first time in the last month, have you enjoyed the most?(Asked by TheNuggetMan!)  

I tried breathing last month, and well I've got to say it's pretty neat. I'm getting oxygen and stuff into my body!

10. If you where stuck in the middle of the ocean,holding onto a piece of wood from your sunken ship,you saw an island nearby but there are dark PURPLE clouds circling it.... 
What should you do???? (Asked by CrystalLight!) 

I'd swim towards that magical island because I would mean two things: I'd be tripping major balls, or that those clouds were very cold which is why they would get their purple colour so I would get too cool off from the blistering sun!

That was fun! Thank you Hopper :D

And thank you for asking a question!
Round 8: SnowyKaida
Hai, I'm SnowyKaida and i'm kinda a grammar/spelling nazi even though I don't do well either. I like Warrior cats, and Supernatural.I really like to roleplay, and I'm a girl. Welp Onto the questions cause I can right a lot more.

1. If you were stuck in the middle of a argument between your best friend, and your other best friend, and they both look to you expecting your support from both of them, what would you do. (Asked by you!) 

 I'd have to back out or help both sides, Too much of a neutral person :P

2. One song will be played for you on repeat for three months. Volume can be changed, but never completely turned down. What song do you choose? (Asked by TheNuggetMan!)  

 I would want to listen to this: http://youtube.com/watch/?v=B7KlD1OU8ZU

3. If hopper was the only youtuber in the world, would you sub or not sub to him?  
( me, I would sub him lol ) (Asked by Swift394!)  

Would if I had a Youtube account.. xD

(H: Thank you!)

4. If you were the first thing to exist in the world, what would you do? (Asked by ThePikachu2!)  

Sit there, wondering what to do.

5. If you got to go anywhere in the world at any time, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream? (Asked by Swaggeroni!)  

Chocolate and vanilla mixed Ice cream, I luve it so much.

6. What is better for you, a 1,000 bite size cookies or 1 1,000 in. long cookie? (Asked by MegaManChiefFanMC!)  

1,000 of course!

7. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you lived a long time ago? (Asked by Xtremebrawler_x!)  

Oh yes, a lot, That's why I roleplay, I try to get that feel.

8. does the purple walrus have to paint the bus green to cut his hair and become a politician? if so, why? (Asked by guitar god 1998)  

He does, He has no money so hes doing stuff for it! >:3

9. If you were going to die tomorrow, (No after life what so ever) what would you do today? (Asked byxBrettBusinessx!)  

Say Goodbye to everyone, then later browse the forums and stay up till midnight.

10. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are? (Asked by ItsPulse!)  

I've been told by internet people I would be 14, I would want to be 15.
Round 9: TheNuggetMan
Hello! I am TheNuggetMan. I haven't done anything particularly spectacular on the site since I joined (Two years ago as of 5/21/14), but I have written a few contrbutions to the blog section. I've recently been becoming more active in the forums lately, and have my good friend in real life, MGB, to thank for introducing me to the site.

1. If you were playing Minecraft, would you rather have no skins in Minecraft, no LAN in Minecraft along with no servers,no building/destroying, or not be able to chat / use signs? (Asked by ThePikachu2!)  

Um... I'm not a big Minecraft player anymore, if I'm honest, but I'd probably ditch servers since I never played much with others.

2. Doctor who? (Asked by HSPadawan!)  


3. Do you feel like you put your best effort at school? (Asked by Choobies!)  

I run myself into the ground for school =P Never had a B in my life, and it's been work to accomplish.

4. How would you like to die? (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!)  

I would like to die peacefully, perhaps in my sleep, after living a long and happy life with people I love; I would like this to happen once I can't take care of myself anymore. No nursing homes for me, although no disrespect to those who live in them.

5. Taco? Or wrap? Dip, or not to dip?  

By tip I mean chicken nuggets ok lol (Asked by Swift394!)  

I don't understand the question well, but I'll try. Taco over wrap, and always dip the chicken nuggets in honey mustard, or barbecue if the best isn't available. 

6. Would you rather see an orchestra, a big, headline concert, or an acoustic performance in a smaller venue (coffee shop, etc.)? (Asked by you!)  

Probably the acoustic, even though an orchestra would be epic. Music plays a big part in my life, so this one is hard, but that's probably my choice. There's only a couple bands I would see in a big concert; actually, the only one I can think of right now would be Dave Matthews Band.

7. why is hopper hopping? (Asked by guitar god 1998!)  

He must be a rabbit or grasshopper. Or maybe the ground is hot. Or maybe he likes to ask for troops and not donate in return. Who knows?

8. If you like bananas, why do horses have diarrhea? (Asked by CoyoteBoi!)  

I do like bananas, and I imagine horses could get diarrhea from a number of causes; viruses and assorted illness, bad food, etc. I'd have to do some further research on that.

9. Do you like Anime and if so what's your favorite? (Asked by vikki7783!)  

I've only watched a few anime series, but my favorite is Attack on Titan. Unoriginal favorite, I know, but it really is good.

10. Would you rather: 

A. become a brilliant writer, but your books will only be moderately popular or...  
B. gain ability to fly, but only for 60 minutes per week or... 
C. instantly learn 10 new languages that you now will be able to speak perfectly or... 
D. visit any place in the solar system for 10 minutes. (Assuming you survive and return home safely) 

E. get a magical PC with infinite memory and processing power that will always work flawlessly.(Asked by GutsyToyRat!)  

This is an excellent and hard-to-answer question. I will have a couple answers based on different mindsets.
      Practical: E. Epic computer that never needs replacement? Mmmmmm. (Runner up is the 10 languages; communication is so useful.)
      Curious: D. I'd just go out and look as far as I could see in every direction. Can you imagine what that would be like to experience?

Round 10 I did something different! Everyone who asked a question had to answer their own question! But I kinda screwed things up so there's not 10. Anyway, hope you enjoy it anyway!
Round 10: Everyone!
1. Why do we as people like talking about ourselves? Why do we avoid talking about more intense subjects like war, killing, and death?
Because we as a people are selfish. We care, we do, but we don't like admitting it unless it will make us look good. We care about ourselves more than anybody else. Even helping other people, we do to make ourselves feel good. Talking about "Real" things brings us down. So we avoid them as much as we can. We don't need to talk about it, and it hurts, so we don't. Even though it is super important to those who it directly affects. (Asked and answered by Aethroz!)

2. How did you get interested in Minecraft?
Well, I got interested in Minecraft back when the game first came out. I'd heard about it from my stepbrother who was very excited when it first launch. A few months went by, I was in a lul/rut grinding top tier raids in World of Warcraft, and I decided it was time for a change of pace, so I downloaded Minecraft. It was not until two years later that I would join my first server, and not until about a week ago until I would actually join the Planet Minecraft community because I had decided to build a server of my own. It's a truly great game, and I intend to play for a very long time. :) (Asked and answered by Sshiv!)

3. what did the dead rock say before he jumped off a bridge in to a snorlax.
nothing hes a rock, and hes dead (Asked and answered by Alex_Admin!)

4. If I gave hopper swiftness, do you think he'd run out of the chunk?
Yeah, like, yeah, I'm an epic troller so, yeah XD (Asked and answered by Swift394!)

5. Do you think that factions is over-rated in Multiplayer?
I think It is because there are alots of servers called epicraidz or profactions which really indicates how overrated it is in general. There's a server that I'm on that doesn't have factions but keeps your inventory, which really is a kind of server I'm looking for.
My Answer is: Very. (Asked and answered by WhiteliteMC)

6. Do you play on servers, single-player, or do you not play MC at all(just contribute to this site).
I play mostly servers, but I occasionaly play single-player. (Asked and answered by Swaggeroni!)

Round 11: zoossrocks!
Hi! I'm zoossrocks! So I used to be a Skinner when I joined PMC about a year ago, but I wasn't very good at that so I tried blogging and did amazing with that and will probably do that again. Anyway I hang out mostly on the forums now (Mostly the Nintendo club) and love meeting new members. I play a variety of games ranging from pokemon to halo and love comic books. Ok that's enough bout me now to the questions!

If you're stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean and a crate marked "ACME DONUTS" floats ashore, what kind of donut would you hope to find inside? (Asked by TheNuggetMan!)  

I would hope to find a chocolate glazed donut.

2. Would you like some fries with that? (Asked by devilcupcakes!)  

Yes I would love to get some fries with my donut.

3. How are you supposed to play the trumpet with a headset on? (Asked by you!)  

You obviously stick the mic up the mouthpiece.

4. If I had 2 carrots. and gave Henry 50 apples, then what is your favorite type of tree? (Asked by Leeanne!)  

 Everyone that was ever a pokemon prof. (Stop stealing my apples!)

5. Are you planning on changing the world in a significant scale? If so, how? (Asked by Snowyfox!)  

No, I really like the world how it is even though there is some devastation throughout the world but I can do small things to help them.

6. If i told you I was behind you with a banana in one hand and a urinal cake in the other, how would you react? (Asked by commando8797!)  

I would be very confused, why do you have a urinal cake?

7. If you could only have 1 game to play for the rest of your life, which game would it be? (Asked by ImaLittleCreeper!)  

 I'm going to say minecraft because although it is not my favorite game other games can be recreated inside it.

8. Do you like magicarp!? (Snowyfox: *Magikarp) (Asked by atabler!)  

Actually I do. In Heart Gold I had a box (30 pokemon) full of magikarps.

9. If you were playing survival games and it was possible to eat golden armor that was called butter/budder armor, would you eat it if that was the only armor you have? (Asked by ThePikachu2!)  

No, not until I am dieing of hunger because armor is armor.

10. What would you do if you thought you were petting a dog, only to find out its a cat in disguise?(Asked by Legit_Ted!)  

Very good question. I would be pretty confused and surprised. I don't really like cats so I'd probably be upset as well.

Thanks zoossrocks! And sorry for the delay!
Round 12: CrystalLight
Well, there's not much to say...My name is Bliss.My friends call me Blissey (teh pokémon). I'm 14 and I Love video games, FOXES,animals,stamps and the colour purple! I do skins, and I'm hoping to become a programmer! :3 I'm also a little insane...

1. If you were forced to stay in one secret setting in Minecraft, which one would you choose?
 (Asked by ThePikachu2!) 


2. pc or mac? (don't get to serious (we don't need a fan war)) (Asked by guitar god 1998!)  

Well, I use both...but I definitely prefer pc.

3. If you saw yourself drop a time machine in front of you, then show you their watch from exactly ten seconds later, what would you do: conserve the timeline or tell scientists? (Asked by Cool_Time22!)  

Well I'm too lazy to get off my butt, so conserve the timeline, Foreva!

4. What is the best moment you have ever have in Minecraft and in real life? (Asked by sidtom!)  

Hmmm......I guess in real life, I squashed a cupcake all over my brothers face for his birthday,best moment eva, in 
Minecraft...I have to say the day I went on a winning spree on five different servers :3

5. Would you say you have a few really close friends, a lot of okay friends, or a combination of the two?(Asked by TheNuggetMan!)  

A mixture of the two, I have about  7 friends that I know I can count on, and 6 others that we have an "ok" relationship.

6. If you had to use one word to sum yourself up as a person what would it be? (Asked by jrake86!)  

Me= Awesomeness

7. What is your fave flower? (Asked by you!)

I can't decide between a lotus and a hibiscus flower, there both so pretty!

8. Do you ever finish your ____? (Asked by errorkn!)  

6 art projects that are due tomorrow? No, no I didn't.....

9. Whats that? (Asked by guitar god 1998!)  

It's my flawless hair, duh...

10. What version did you start playing Minecraft at? (Asked by TheLittleBiskit!)  

Well, actually I started playing Minecraft on Xbox 360, I'm guessing....1.3

Thank you hopper for having me on! <3

Thank you for asking questions!

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what if food could dream

Also, remember, the next round is the last round ever! So be sure to ask any questions you have left!

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