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Mikufan06's Interview with PixelStars10

Luke episode 8

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avatar Mikufan06
Level 32 : Artisan Vampire
Hello again everybody I am back today with yet another interview and this time it is with the lovely PixelStars10. Boy I was really looking forward to this as this person has not only a great personality but also great skins and content. Also she does exhibit a great deal of live and creativity in her work. Anyways without further adieu let's get rolling as this is going to be awesome.
Mikufan06: Are you a vocaloid fan and if so what vocaloids do you like?
PixelStars10: I never listened to vocaloid music but I will give it a try.
Mikufan06:Are you a star wars fan and if so what are your favorite characters?
PixelStars10 :YES I AM!!! i love star was soooo much! luke skywalker is my fave <3
Mikufan06:What is your favorite anime?
PixelStars10:i don't watch anime, i'm more into science-y stuff.
Mikufan06:What is your favorite color?
PixelStars10: My favorite color is purple!
Mikufan06:Do you play other games besides minecraft?
PixelStars10:.Well i play PS4 Crash bandicoot and Beach buggy racing.
Mikufan06:What genre of skins do you enjoy doing the most?
PixelStars10: i like doing like my MCSM ( MineCraft Story Mode) skins a lot, i also like to add Characters to MCSM like jessie's sis, Jessica who is also Lukas's GirlFriend.
Mikufan06:What is your favorite skin you have made in PMC?
PixelStars10:I think my favorite skin i've done on here is Pixel || Me with out you.
Mikufan06:What is your favorite actor?
PixelStars10: I don't really have a Fave actor, I think they are all ok :)
Mikufan06:Do you like sports and if so name the sport and your favorite players from that sport?
PixelStars10: I love ( at least i want to play) Soccer, my mom is thinking about putting me in it :3 also, i don't really have a favorite player.
Mikufan06: What country are you from?
PixelStars10: California USA

I hope you all enjoyed this awesome interview and I did have to edit some of the responses so they would make sense but anyways I would highly recommend this PMC'ers content as it awesome and as I said before is remarkable and made with love.

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  • Mikufan06
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Vampire
  • December 23, 2017, 7:56 am
Thank you
Your welcome!

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