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Mimikyu -=+Story+=-

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There was a local carnival going on, on poni island in alola. Kids and parents from all around alola would travel there to ride on its rides and play its games. and at night, the lights of the rides and attractions would light up the night.
One day, a little girl and her mother and father went to the carnival. They rode rides, and played games, until they came to one stand.
It was a stand, where you threw balls to hit the moo moo milk jugs. And if you won, you got a free prize. And the grand prize if you win 10 times, was a Giant Pikachu plush, that children adored,, and tried, and cried, to win.The little girl's mother and father assumed that she would like the giant Pikachu plush, so, they did their best to win it for their daughter. They had gotten 9, but the daughter did not mind.
The man at the game told her to pick her prize, and she looked across the plushes, there were ones of every different pokemon, big and small. And it set a rainbow across the stand.
"That One" The little girl said pointing. The man looked at the plush and then looked back at the little girl.
"Are you sure?" the man asked. And she nodded. So the man handed her the plush.
It was a Pikachu, old, pale, small, and weathered. It's eyes were drawn on, along with most of its features. And for it's tail, it had a stick, cracked, and old.
The little girl smiled and hugged the plush.
"Thank you mister" She said gratefully. Her mother and father looked at the plush being held by their daughter. Then, a little pair of dark gray hands came out from under the plush and hugged the little girl. She panicked then laughed joyfully.
"A little hugger!" She said happier than can be.
"It is a pokemon?!" her mother and father said nervously.
"Its a mimikyu" Said the man. "It is a pokemon discovered a few years ago. Not much is known about it, and all the people who have tried taking the time to do research, have all..."
"I love him!" Said the little girl interrupting the man, still hugging the pokemon. "Can we keep em? Pretty please?!" She said looking at her mom and Dad.
"You sure, I will give you the grand prize if you return the mimikyu" The man said, presenting the giant Pikachu plush to the little girl. The little girl looked at the Mimikyu, and it's little eyes started to tear up.
"I like Mimikyu, I think I will name him..." The the little girl thinks for a moment then her face lights up. "Otto!" "Otto is the perfect name for you!" she said hugging the little mimikyu.
The mother, Father, and daughter went back to their home, on Ula'ula Island. Her and Otto spent the next day, playing outside under the Alolan sun, going on little adventures, meeting pokemon, playing hide and seek with the tall grass.
The day was starting to come to a close, and the sun was starting to set on the lilac horizon. The little girl and Otto were sitting underneath a palm tree, taking a break from their adventure.
"Otto" The little girl spoke up. "Why do you wear a costume?"
Otto huddled a little bit, and looked down shyly.
"Otto?" The little girl asked, then Otto looked back up at her.
"You shouldn't have to be afraid to show me what you look like Otto!" The little girl said cheerfully. "If you think I will judge, I promise I will not!"
Otto shivered, scared and unknowing what to do.
"You're scared that you're going to be judged aren't you?" She asked.
The mimikyu looked back up at her with little tears in his eyes.
"Please don't think that. But if anyone ever judges you, or ever has, don't listen to them! You are your own you, you do not let anyone judge you! That's why there are so many different pokemon after all, every single one is different. And there are still places were humans haven't even gone yet!"
Otto was taken, with the little tears swelling up in his eyes. He looked up at the little girl. Her eyes glimmered and glowed like stars with anticipation. Otto looked down for a moment, then, one of his shadow hands came out from under the cloak and he revealed himself to her.

The sunlight glimmered through the window softly. The Little Girl layed quietly in her bed, while her parents talked to the doctor, and her mother broke down crying. Otto sat on a chair next to The little girl's bed.
The little girl opened her eyes and smiled weakly, and looked at Otto.
"You are a beautiful pokemon, never let anyone tell you otherwise Otto" She said to the little pokemon, while the pokemon was breaking down crying. The mother was crying in the father's arms while they were looking through the cracked door.

Otto sat quietly there on the ground and weeped. He looked up, and read it all over again, his master's death, and how her gravestone was decorated with engravings of roses and flowers around the sentences. But in the corner, there was a little engraving, of him. Then the sky began to weep as a woman, with same wrinkles, but with deep bags under her eyes. She went, and sat beautiful flowers on the little girl's grave, the same kind that the small mimikyu and the girl had been playing in before.
"You know, you had made her happiest she had been in awhile." The woman said to Otto, and Otto looked up at her. It was the mother of the little girl. She smiled warmly at Otto.
"She wouldn't have wanted you to weep over her life, but exept laugh over it." The mother said to Otto.
"Please, do not weep no more. It has been 15 years... It is time, you let her go." The mother said, then she quietly patted the mimikyu's head before she began to walk back to her bike.
As the mother looked back in the rain, at her daughter's grave, she seen the mimikyu there, shielding a small pokemon with his shadow hand, it was a little litwick, with a blue flame and green eyes.IT cowards quietly, but then it looked at Otto and started to tear up. She smiled a little bit, then got on her bike and rode home in the rain.


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  • rainbooq
  • Level 1
  • New Network
  • July 18, 2017, 8:41 am
I actually cried

This is beautiful.
  • raisa
  • Level 21
  • Expert Artist
  • July 16, 2017, 5:42 am
good story
  • Peridot XJ9
  • Level 39
  • Artisan Professor
  • July 15, 2017, 10:38 pm
...All the feels! Ugh.

Never have I read a blog so good in years! I would definitely take the Mimikyu any day over a Pikachu, because it's just so cute! You know, that girl does kind of seem like what I would do with the Mimikyu. Sure, I wouldn't live to see it's true form, but I would still think it's adorable. Ten outta ten. More people need to see this blog.

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