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Mine Craft Eula Changes: The End Of Hub Servers And Large Servers In General.

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avatar calebwiebolt11
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
Mine Craft Eula Changes: The End Of Hub Servers And Large Servers In General.

If you are not aware most mine craft servers have a donation system. Large servers like the well known mineplexx server lets you donate for accesses to certain classes in mini-games and in game currency. The in game currency can be obtained in game by playing their mini-games. For along time servers have been monetizing on these donations. Unknown to us all is that we were actually breaking mojangs eula which is basicly there terms of use. So just a bit ago the developers at mojang decided to do something about this. After a couple tweets and Skype msg's by mojang staff the community was in an uproar. A day or two ago mojang released an announcement about monatization off of servers. They established new rules, but the rules they made will never work and all of the server monatazation plans they gave us simply cant generate enough revenue to keep any hub servers or large servers afloat. As sterling the head of mineplexx said in his letter to notch:

“Looking at the revenue models Mojang has proposed, there are both economic and experiential issues with all of them. We will either not be able to sustain our revenue to be able to keep up with our costs, or we will need to become so focused on developing cosmetic revenue-driving items that we will ruin the experience for our players. We serve millions of players a month, and with that comes substantial costs: servers, ddos mitigation, chat filters, website costs – most of which are on annualized contracts that we locked into. In your blog you mention “Mojang has people working with business contracts, taxes, support, lawyering and office management, but most people make games.” We have those exact same people Notch, and they need to be paid fair salaries for their work.
I have asked people to leave their jobs to come work for Mineplex full-time, as I know is the case at the majority of the other large server networks. I can not, or rather will not, fire those people to try to conform to rules that I truly believe will do nothing but harm us, Mojang, and the Minecraft community as a whole.”
This new Eula is going to bring down these servers and much more. Don’t get me wrong, there are several bad apples in the community that are charging outrageous prices for ranks and kits. But that is no reason to cut down the entire apple tree and once again the alternative revenue models simply wont work. As sterling points out in his letter:

You have said a few times that these new rules are not designed to kill private multiplayer servers, but what you are doing will, and the revenue models you’ve proposed just don’t work.

“1) You are now allowed to charge players to access your servers”
You’ve spoken out against the P2W model that seems far too prevalent in the gaming industry today, an opinion, I agree with - there shouldn’t be too far of a separation of experience for paying vs. non-paying players, especially when using an open platform like Minecraft. However, that is EXACTLY what you’re encouraging here. Now not only will players who don’t want to pay not be able to have access to every custom-built feature or game play experience, they won’t have access to any of them because they won’t be able to get into the server in the first place.
“2) You may ask for donations but cannot offer a reward in exchange, beyond a “thank you” in-game chat message thanking the donor publicly.”
This has been proven to not provide even close to the revenue needed to run a medium to large size network multiple times. The most recent example I’ve heard of was when the fine gentlemen over at Mindcrack tried this model for 6 months and simply could not maintain costs.
“3) You are allowed to provide in-game advertising opportunities, sponsorships, or product placement.”
This is the proposed ‘solution’ that makes the least sense to me. You’d RATHER have 3-rd party advertisements in our servers? Mineplex is currently the largest multiplayer server, we’d stand to make the most revenue from a model like this. But I will never implement this because it would be a terrible in-game experience for our players – many of whom are young enough that I wouldn’t be comfortable shoving ads at on moral grounds.
“4) You are allowed to sell anything which does not affect game play, except for Capes”
I think the fundamental disagreement here is what servers are selling. Mineplex, as well as the other major networks (Hypixel, Shotbow, Oc.tc, Hive, etc.), all understand that you do not want Minecraft to become a pay-to-win game. But none of us have a revenue model focused on pay-to-win. While many of our ranks/kits give access different abilities in game, they are balanced classes. The default starting classes are no better or worse than the ones you can earn through play or by paying for rank. It’s just a different customized experience, they all have pros/cons and are not a guaranteed win in a minigame - you are not paying to win, you’re just paying for a different experience – amongst other cosmetic rank benefits.
Ranked players receive no gameplay benefit over any other player, outside of a change in gameplay style. None of us have a model where any player would be ‘forced’ to pay to continue playing or to win a game, period.”

One of the big things in the new Eula is that you cant sell game play effecting items like classes in mini games. But we can sell cosmetic items, but this simply will not work. There is a server called play mindcrack that started with this same idea. They sold in game cosmetic lobby items for the first 6 months, but this simply wasn’t enough to keep them afloat so they changed their revenue system. The server features no buy, to win and it is wonderful. One thing that the new changes prevent is a dual currency witch is really unreasonable. For instance, bringing up play mindcrack again. They have a wonderful currency system. When you play there minigames you get in game currency to spend on perks to help you in the games. None of the perks are op. They also have an option to buy currency with irl money. They are not restricting game play features they are simply providing a shorter way to get these perks and classes, but under the new Eula you cant do this.
In the end these changes will force hub servers to close many people to lose their jobs and multiplayer as we know it will be completely changed. And as sterling said “This could bring the end of the minecraft community”. This cant be allowed to stand. Join the movement and tell mojang that they cant do this. They wanted a community that thought for its self well they got one. Join the #SaveMinecraft movement. By tweeting notch with #SaveMinecraft. Lets show mojang that they cant
do this.

sterlings blog: sterlingplays.com/

Well I hope this blog help explain whats happening. Id love to discuss this with you in the comments.
thanks guys and remember have fun and always keep crafting.

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Honestly the players might drop so much if this happens, that Mojang might have to add it back. Plus, hundreds of people will be complaing EVER SINGLE DAY!
  • Hunajameloni
  • Level 73
  • Legendary Pixel Puncher
  • June 19, 2014, 3:59 pm
Mojang simply ignores you if you complain, they are powerful company. They won't change their plans just because butthurt guys are complaining that they can't make money with minecraft and sell op kits.

Btw. Notch hates pay 2 win, that's only one reason they add this Eula.
thats the idea :)
i am also extreamly sorry for any spelling or gramerical errors. i hate spelling lol.
tell me what you think.

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