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avatar Blaze22039
Level 47 : Master Musician
So, I found this website the other day called Minebook, and it's the coolest thing evar! It's pretty much a social networking site for all you awesome Minecrafters. :D

Basically, it's hooked up to Minecraft.net, so whenever you make a Minecraft account and get premium it creates you a Minebook account. Your can log in to your Minebook account by going to this link (<- Ad link removed) (if it says link blocked because it's an advertisement, just google Minebook), clicking login in the top right corner, and typing in your Minecraft username and password!

Also, I asked the amazing owners of Minebook if I could make a Steam group for Minebook, so if you have a Steam account be sure to check this out too!

Give a thank you to the owners of this epic website for me :D
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