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Minecoins?!! Bull****

Typical Microsoft

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avatar Doc1000
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Hello fellow minecrafters,

Today, i am going to be ranting at the fact MICROSOFT has released "Minecoins". A little bit of history about in-game currency and minecraft. First of all when notch owned minecraft it was a lawless world in terms of servers, do whatever you want, whenever you want, and sell WHATEVER you can to pay hosting fees. Well back in 2014 microsoft put a list of rules saying you can NOT sell in game currency or any rank affecting gameplay for real money.. fast forward 4 years. they have released minecoins. Now, microsoft is saying that a server owner who is footing the bill is not allowed to sell in game currency, but they can? :(

Folks, this is complete and utter BS, join me, be a rebel. Sell in game currency. FOR we will not bow down to there stupid rules. I mean we paid $25.00 for an account. For the countless hours we have spent building our server, coding plugins. All to amount to microsoft being a jerk and pushing us off to the side, NOTCH would never have done this. Microsoft is greedy corporation pushing the little guy to the side.

Rebel against the system. Speak out. Minecraft is made BY the players, and FOR the players.

join my minecraft java edition server, mc-loltime.com we have plots, factions, skyblock, and prison

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  • Marjory
  • Level 26
  • Expert Grump
  • November 3, 2018, 5:44 am
I have an objection. The EULA is there for a reason- to not have pay-to-win servers. It is meant to make an experience on a server completely fair, that way, the players that don't pay at least have a chance against cash cows. While there is still an immediate bias towards payers with stuff that you cant really get without the rank (Ex: Cosmetics).
Minecoins tend to similarly follow the EULA. While you can get realms subscription expansions and that stuff with the minecoins, what you are mostly able to buy are maps, skins, and resource packs. Skins and resource packs are cosmetics. While the maps can be fun, interactive, and maybe useful, they do not give any in-game-advantage to a player.
Minecoins are different to server currencies that can buy gears and power.

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