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Minecraft 1.15: 'Combat & Caverns' - My thoughts

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[NOTHING IN THE FEATURED IMAGE IS REAL! Background screenshot and underground biome screenshots are not mine. They belong to other mods. Inventory edits, ore textures, fake logo and shield meter were done by myself, however.]

It's all but confirmed that we're going to see a weaponry revamp, come Minecraft 1.15- but we don't really know much else, other than the Smithing and Fletching tables being pushed back to then. So, i decided i'd throw my two cents into the ring- share what i think 1.15 will look like.

I'm going to dig into the Smithing and Fletching tables later. First, i think it's important to discuss what they entail. The way i personally see it, is that i can't understand the point of the Smithing or Fletching tables, if it's kept to the five crafting materials currently available. Rather than simplifying the process of crafting weaponry, it only makes it more long-winded and convoluted by requiring an extra step for the most basic of weapons. So as a result, i am absolutely positive we'll be receiving at least a good handful of new materials to choose from in the coming update.

As proven by the Update Aquatic and the Village and Pillage update, Mojang, in recent times, has been going all-out; when they update something, they don't just add the new features and call it a day. They go big, or they go home. And that's where i think a complete revamp of Caverns will come in, featuring new biomes and things to find. Rarer biomes could include crystalline caves, or underground mushroom caves- things full of objects you'd otherwise not commonly see underground.

I feel like in regards to how normal caverns could be revamped, i feel like seeing some more wide-open spaces would be excellent, with stalactites and stuff hanging down. Perhaps you could rarely find absolutely massive, open spaces such as this old Pocket Edition concept from long, long ago;
Minecraft 1.15: 'Combat & Caverns' - My thoughtsThis could be a literal goldmine of ores and different types of stone, and could also be good for building bases. However, caves of this calibre would definitely necessitate moving the void MUCH further down. While i don't expect anything similar to the Deeper Caves mod, just something to give more room for all this content would likely be almost required. Perhaps this could be used to their advantage, with rarer ores appearing deeper in- with ores like diamonds and stuff appearing further down, it'd definitely give a reason to use other ores you may find, such as Bronze or other metals like, say, Cobalt or things of that calibre.

Given these ideas, the only issue i could think of would be balancing all the ores out with the addition of new ones- would certain ores be better for certain uses, much like gold is for farming stone? Or would the order be completely revamped so that, say, you couldn't mine Diamond with Iron, but instead an ore you find further down than iron? If the first outcome- Minecraft is a very simple game mechanically speaking, so what uses could they possibly grant to individual ores to make them worthwhile? If the second outcome, would people be happy with them completely overhauling the order of Mining? Would the support for cavern revamps really help to balance that out? Either way, i'm unsure- that would have to be left to Mojang's discretion.

But, now, back to what we do know- the Smithing and Fletching tables. This is a tricky subject, given that we don't want to sacrifice simplicity, but also don't want to make the tables completely pointless.

I think that, just like the Blast Furnace and Smokers, this could be an alternative that could add some level of customization, whilst also enhancing efficiency in crafting. This means that it rewards newer players who don't understand the block as well by costing them less metal to craft an item, but also rewards the more savvy, knowledgeable players by granting them the ability to personalise their weapons to some extent as well as grant it special attributes. Perhaps you could decrease the swing time by using Leather for the handling, offering a more stable grip, or increase the durability by using a different type of metal for the grip, maybe even using a stronger metal for the hilt which means that sword against sword combat deals ever so slightly less damage to you. Modular weapons have been done for ages by Tinker's construct- there's nothing stopping Mojang from doing it, they just need to find out a way to handle it elegantly enough so it's either friendly enough for newer players to use, or so that it isn't necessary to get by. Every type of base sword should be easily craftable in the normal crafting table, or just as easily craftable here which rewards newer players by costing them less metal.

But, I neglected to mention something- combat. People are not happy with the 1.9 Combat, and neither is Mojang- this would be the perfect opportunity to overhaul combat in a way players are more happy with.
First of all, shields need a complete overhaul. As they currently are, they're trash- and as they were, they were trash. Why? Because as they are, they just can't be balanced. They're either too good, or absolutely useless, not to mention that above all, they just aren't fun to use- and that needs to be changed. I think that the two best options are between a charge meter, or a parry-style.

Charge would introduce a guard meter that means you can only guard for so long, and if it runs out, you have to wait for it to recharge. Your options are to either pick your fights or else get severely hurt by something else in the downtime, or to time your guards well in order to preserve energy. This would mean that you'd spend much less time moving at a snail's pace, and instead, getting around on the battlefield.

Parry style is as simple as it sounds- while you don't get slowed down by holding the shield up, when holding it up, damage is merely reduced, instead of nullified- unless you pull up your guard with the right timing, in which damage dealt to the shield is reduced, and damage dealt to you, is absolutely nullified. This helps because you don't slow down at all, and the learning curve making it more fun to use.
In both these cases, they encourage getting more used to the shield and practicing, and in both cases, you spend less time with your shield up and moving at a snail's pace, making it more fun by encouraging you to learn, and because you aren't sat in a corner, cowering behind your shield.
My friend made a joke about this, in regards to Dark Souls and Sekiro, both using these styles. Well, there's a reason for that- it's because they work. It's because they're fun to play with, and encourage learning the game better to use them effectively.

But, the shield is only one part of the combat, and not even the most disliked part of it. The charge meter for swords is the worst offender in most people's eyes- and while the idea is there, the execution, not so much
I think that first of all, Sword animations need to revamped- with Crossbows and bows, we're seeing more and more weaponry stray from the game's default swinging animation, but the sword, the primary weapon, is left in the dust.
Rather than the swipe particle, the viewmodel should have the sword swing horizontally, and slightly slower than usual- mainly to match the charge time for the weapon. However, the charge time should be significantly reduced- probably by like half. When rapidly left-clicking, it should swing to the left [or to the right in the left-handed scheme] and then backwards in the opposite direction, with the slightest gap in between swings. However, when you swing, you have to be committed, even if the swings are faster- if you're attacked mid-swing, you can't block or anything. This means that it retains some of the idea of the 1.9 combat, whilst being more easily understandable due to being a forced mechanic rather than one that people could easily miss, as well as offering a bit more strategy to combat by requiring you to be committed to an attack and being unable to block or anything in mid-swing. Again, very Dark Souls-esque, but i feel like that isn't an issue given how you won't usually be taking five and a half hearts of damage most of the time. Dark Soul's mechanics don't themselves make the game difficult, it's just how hard you're punished for not understanding them that makes the game so hard. Minecraft would be significantly more forgiving.

As for Bows, i feel like balancing out having different materials would be significantly easier, thanks to the addition of one stat- Range. Range and damage would vary based on material, with some materials dealing more damage but having less range, Some bows having a good mix of the both, or maybe even one that's excellent with both, but with slower pullback speed, being less effective in close-quarters combat- a sniper, of sorts. Wait, that's already pretty much crossbows.
...Speaking of, what about them? Well, i suppose that they could follow a similar scheme, with the default one being changed to be more similar to the bow, with a slightly longer pullback speed thanks to the advantage of being able to store an arrow.

Well... i guess that's all i have to talk about. While it might be a lot, i just think that the Smithing Table and Fletching table kinda necessitates all the new ores and caverns and stuff. Whilst the combat changes are unnecessary, and perhaps a tad unrealistic, i feel like there's no better time to revamp the combat, considering everyone's distaste for the current combat. I hope you enjoy the ideas I've put forth here. If you have any alternatives you feel would work better, i'd love to discuss them in the comments! I'm sure there's plenty of holes in the stuff I've put forth here that i don't realize so if you all have any feedback or suggestions or amendments, go ahead and comment them. Thanks for reading~!

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I like this o3o
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appreciate the logo that took me like an hour and a half if not two hours to make
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