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Minecraft 1.16.1 Things You should know.

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Minecraft is a game that gets updated as quckly as a running ocelot ,hence it is not easy to keep up with the minor changes which we tend to ignore in the game.

Read this article till the end to get equipped with best of the in game tricks with which you can impress your freinds.

Warning : this article is meant for people who ike to read more than watch .if you love to watch videos head over to my youtube channel link is right here.

So here are 4 things you should know before updating your game to 1.16.1

#1 Netherite - Diamond of Nether
Netherite is introduced in new version of minecraft ,but it cannot be obtained by mining directly.You need to collect ancient debris from nether the combine your tools and armour with it using anvil to get netherite stuff

#2 Hoglin trade - villagers of nether
similar to the villager trading we can now trade with hoglins .Throw a gold ingot to a hoglin he will take it and throw another item at you.

#3 Striders - Ships of the Lavaland
Striders can be used to travel on lava you ust need fungi on a stick.

#4 More biomes
In the new nether update minecraft gets more biomes in nether isnt that crazy.

Bonus :- Netherite tools and armour floats on lava.
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