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Minecraft 1.16 Crimson & Warped Forest Nether Biomes Showcase

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Shireen avatar Shireen
Level 72 : Legendary Pokemon
In this Minecraft showcaseft showcase video, we'll be looking at the two brand new Nether biomes - the Crimson Forest Nether biome and the Warped Forest Nether biome!

Both Crimson and Warped Forest Nether biomes consist of the same blocks and vegetation including: Stems, Nylium, Roots, Fungi, Weeping Vines, Shroomlights and Spores.

Crimson Forest "trees" are made of Crimson stems and Nether wart blocks, whereas the Warped Forest "trees" are made of Warped stems and Warped Wart blocks.

Hoglins will mainly spawn in Crimson Nether biome whereas Enderman will manily spawn in the Warped Nether biome.

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