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Minecraft 1.17 New Mobs, Blocks, Etc

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The new mobs that will arrive in the Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot are as follows:
  • Goats.
  • Wardens.
  • Axolotls.
  • Glow Squid.

New copper ore or gorgeous Amethyst crystal geodes that can be mined for new crafting materials. With the Caves & Cliffs Update, there are going to be a ton of new blocks and crafting recipes including sculk sensors to detect movement, telescopes, lightning rods, leaf platforms, and a whole lot more.

There will be new biomes including lush caves filled with life, and dripstone caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Variation in caves is the name of the game. There will still be a classic feel, but there should be something for everyone with the Caves & Cliffs Update. There are plenty of new mobs coming too.


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