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Minecraft 1.18 Changes

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Level 21 : Expert Pixel Painter
Source: Java Edition 1.18 – Minecraft Wiki
-Added Otherside music disc by Lena Raine
-Changed caves and cliffs generations
-Stretched the y level -64 to 319
-Added biomes:
Meadow, Grove, Snowy Slopes, Jagged peaks, frozen peaks, stony peaks
-Added command format /jfr
-Added advancements:
Caved and cliffs, Feels like home, Sound of music, Star trade
-Added illageralt font
-Added languages:
Lombard, Tokipona
-Added Songs:
By Lena Raine:
Stand Tall, Left to Bloom, One More Day, Wending, Infinite Amethyst
By Kumi Tanioka:
Floating Dream, Comforting Memories, An Ordinary Day
-Added Simulator Distance setting
-Added Allow server listings setting
-Changed Textures:
Anvil GUI, Carrot, Cartography table, Cave vines, Cocoa beans, Dirt path, Enchanting table GUI, Glass pane, Lectern, Logs, Comparator, Blue and red stained glass, Beetroot seeds, melon seeds, campfire, soul campfire, Doors, Item frame and glow item frame
-Axolotls can only spawn in lush caves with clay blocks as the floor
-Cod, salmon, pufferfish, tropical fish, squid, dolphins cam only spawn in y=50 to y=64
-Goats spawn only in snowy slopes, jagged peaks, and frozen peaks
-Geodes only generate up to y=30
-Changed biome names:
Old nameNew name
Tall Birch ForestOld Growth Birch Forest
Giant Tree TaigaOld Growth Pine Taiga
Giant Spruce TaigaOld Growth Spruce Taiga
Snowy TundraSnowy Plains
Jungle EdgeSparse Jungle
Stone ShoreStony Shore
MountainsWindswept Hills
Wooded MountainsWindswept Forest
Gravelly MountainsWindswept Gravelly Hills
Shattered SavannaWindswept Savanna
Wooded Badlands PlateauWooded Badlands

-Removed Biomes:
Badlands Plateau
Bamboo Jungle Hills
Birch Forest Hills
Dark Forest Hills
Deep Warm Ocean
Desert Hills
Desert Lakes
Giant Spruce Taiga Hills
Giant Tree Taiga Hills
Gravelly Mountains+
Jungle Hills
Modified Badlands Plateau
Modified Jungle
Modified Jungle Edge
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau
Mountain Edge
Mushroom Field Shore
Shattered Savanna Plateau
Snowy Mountains
Snowy Taiga Hills
Snowy Taiga Mountains
Swamp Hills
Taiga Hills
Taiga Mountains
Tall Birch Hills
Wooded Hills

-Buried treasures can contain water breathing potions
-Changed ore distribution
-Fixed 240 Glitches

Let me know if I missed some
CreditMinecraft wiki

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