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Minecraft 1.0.0 seeds compilation!

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MGO Rec0nZ avatar MGO Rec0nZ
Level 25 : Expert Pokemon

-6902895256400205067 - A massive mountain range is in this map complete with lava pools, waterfalls, and HUGE DROPS! Watch your step. But that could be a good place to set up a mob trap. :o

4524723633611953772 - This map has a stronghold in the ravine found at (x=-360, z=600). There is also an End Portal down a flight of stairs at (x=-365, y=27, z=647). This is the map for you if you would like to visit THE END!

-1108814885284702491 - This seed spawns you on a fairly large survival island. This may be a good Survival map because there is also an NPC village on this island so you have a full supply of food! There is also a ravine that runs right underneath the village!!

113766 - This seed has everything! It has those oddly shaped mountains, a swamp biome, and I hear that there is a hole in the swamp where if you follow it down, it leads you to a DIAMOND SHAFT! Amazing Hardcore map!

10082011 - On this map, you spawn on an island that has pumpkins, waterfalls, and a HUGE arch! But, behind you there is a desert biome so this may not have many trees. If you like a good challenge, this may be the map for you.

Minecraft 1.0.0 - This map is a survival island map! There is only 1 tree near your spawn. However, I have replayed this map many times and it would seem that trees grow VERY fast on this map. From the one tree, I get an average of 5 saplings and I put those saplings near an edge and before the first night, they have already grown again! There are also 3 cave entrances near your spawn!

1867169 - You spawn inside an NPC villager's house! Walking outside, you discover a huge mountain range with a large swamp biome. You could take refuge in the village while you gather supplies.

If you have ANY suggestions for seeds, please leave a comment or PM me so that I could update this! If you like any of these seeds at all, please don't forget to leave a DIAMOND!

MGO Rec0nZ

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01/11/2012 12:18 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Pony
Girl Gal
Girl Gal avatar
Thanks! i will try these! if its okay could you find a seed with like a small arch like ihascupquake ill send you the link to see what i mean!

5 dimonds!

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