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Minecraft 1.4.2 - Pretty Scary Update

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On the 25th of October Minecraft 1.4.2 got released now it's a quite a big update following the 1.3 Update but I will now review the new 'Halloween Update' and give you guys the gist of everything.

Downloads (Credit to Mojang):

New Additions:
-Beacons: The new beacons will give you buffs depending on what the ore block pyramid size is and waht you chose as the buff

-Carrots on Sticks: These are used to control pigs when you are ridding them you can also coax other pigs to follow it's durability goes down in the long run of you riding the pig and if you Right Click when riding the pig with a Carrot on a Stick in your hand, it will take a chunk of durability out but also giving the ridden pig a speed boost

-Invisibility & Night Vision Potions: These potions can not be added with Glowstone (Meaning no II effect) and the Night Vision Potion is created with a Golden Carrot (8 golden nuggets surronding a carrot) and to create the Invisibility potion, simply add a fermented spider eye in and bam you have a invisibility potion

-New Mobs: The witches and bats are now a new mob the Witch is hostile it throw potions at you and drinks potions for it's own benefit either for resistance or healing and it has a chance of dropping a Potion of Instant Health, the bats are the first vanilla flying mob in the game it is passive and spawns in caves and dark areas, when a bat is sleeping and a player comes too close, it will wake up and fly around (also their sounds are so cute)

-New Foods: The carrots and potatoes are new foods added into the game and they can now be found in villages and or a rare mob drop from a zombie, the pumpkin pie is also new food and is crafting in no peticular order with 1 Pumpkin 1 egg and 1 sugar and it restores 8 Hunger points

-New Witch Hut: the new witch hut randomly spawns in swamps and (i think) has a witch inside or near it

-New Slime Spawning: Slimes can now be found at night in swamp biomes, makes sense because a slime looks like something a witch would make

-Anvils: With the new anvils you can rename and combine enchantments together and also exchanging exp depending on what you are combining. These anvils are also affected by gravity and can deal serious damage depending on the fall distance.

-New Mob Heads/Masks: The new mob heads can be obtained by killing the corresponding mob and getting it as a rare mob drop.

-New Item Frames & Flower Pots: Flower pots can now be crafted with 3 bricks like a bucket and will also hold 1 type of plant, sapling, flower or cactus which doesnt hurt you when you go near, item frames can hold 1 item that you right click in, you can change the orientation by Right-Clicking

-New Zombie AI: In villages, Zombies will now attack villagers and depending on your difficulty setting, it will have a chance of turning a villager into a zombie villager, and to cure them, throw a splash potion of weakness on them then feed them a normal Tier 1 golden apple and wait for them to recover. Side note, if a baby villager gets infected, it will not be affected by sunlight and will be faster. 2nd Side Note, depending on your difficulty, Zombies will be more aggressive and jump down from higher heights to attack you

-New Mob Pimp: Skeletons, Zombies, Zombie Pigmen and Zombie Villagers can now randomly spawn with enchanted or not enchanted weapons, tools or armor and it is a small 10% or so chance that you will get what they are wearing or holding, Side Note, They can pick up any weapon, tool or armor that you drop when you die and use it against you, you can however kill them and get a (Maybe) 100% drop chance of whatever they stole from you

-New Command Block: These blocks will not be found in the creative menu, you will have to spawn it in by using it's ID code (137) it carries out commands for you without the '/' like you would type in for a command. To have it on servers, you will need to enable it in the server.properties

-New Sounds: The new sounds for blocks can be heard in the Minecraft PE aswell and now most mobs have different sounds (Following that, Chickens require wheat seeds to bread/follow you and for Pigs they require carrots to bread/follow you)

-New Boss MOB: The Wither boss is a new boss with 300 health (150 Hearts) on Easy it will hit you with 3 hearts, on Normal it will deal 5 Hearts and apply the Wither effect on you and on Hard it will hit you with 7 hearts and apply Wither II (maybe) it is summoned by placing soulsand like you would place iron blocks for an iron golem and placing 3 wither skulls on top in any orientation, the Wither boss will drop a Nether star which is used to craft the Beacon block

Bug Fixes:
-Trapdoors: The trapdoors can now be placed on the top half of blocks

-Lighting: Light can now travel through Pistons (Extended) and the holes in Stairs and Half slabs
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