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Minecraft 1.7.10 Modding Tutorial: Setting forge up

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Level 34 : Artisan Modder
Welcome to my set of minecraft modding tutorials, this will be a multi-part series of how to make a mod, compile it, and distribute it. First lets talk about some things.
You will require:
Basic/Semi Intermediate Java Knowledge
Eclipse - Download here (Use this one, others may not work)
Java JDK 8 - Download here
Forge 1.7.10 SRC - Download here (Download the recommended (its more stable))

Part 1:: Setting up the environment
Part one will consist of how to set up the environment.
To do this, make sure you have, forge, Java JDK 8, and Eclipse installed.
To install Java JDK, download the file that fits your system (either 64 bit or 32 bit). run the .exe and let it install.
To install Eclipse, drag the .zip on to your desktop, next open it up with either WinRAR or the integrated file extractor. Place the file inside the .zip on your desktop, I'd make a shortcut of eclipse on your desktop, its alot easer.
To use the development environment you need to set up a area where your mod will go. I'd recommend making a folder for all your mod, for example I'd name mine "All My Mod." Then inside that make another folder for the mod you are going to make right now, call the file whatever you want, it wont effect the mod (Just don't rename it in the future, It'll mess the mod up and you can't recover it). Next open the forge src.zip (The forge installer won't work for making mods). drag all the contents of the .zip into the file where your mod will be. After it's finished copying, you need to set up some variables in your system. Left click the start button and click system. Now click "Advanced system settings." Next click Environment variables at the bottom. Warning: Don't press delete on anything in there! Now in system Variables (not user variables) press new, set the name as "Path" (Without the apostrophes and it is case sensitive). Open a new folder and go to your program files, the java, then JDK, then bin. Copy the directory and paste it your variable value in the system variables, or you can navigate to the bin folder using the "browse" button inside the new system variable area.
Now, Shift-Right-Click inside the folder where you put the files and it click "Open Command Window Here" Inside of that type "gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse" (without the qoutes) since this is your first time this will take a while, when it's done it will say build complete and how long it took. You can close the command window, next, launch eclipse and it should bring you to a screen to open a file. Click browse and navigate to the mod file (i.e. Desktop>MyMods>TutorialMod. now when you are there select the file named "eclipse" and hit open. When you are in eclipse expand the Minecraft folder in the Hierarchy and expand "src/java" delete the example mod package.

Pt. 2 coming soon
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