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Minecraft 1.8 - The Bountiful Update Review

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ganon4688 avatar ganon4688
Level 22 : Expert Dragonborn
Hey guys Ganon here with my first review, and I'm reviewing- *Drum Roll, Gosh I love these bold letters* 1.8 the Bountifiul Update!

So I see some people are not liking 1.8 for one reason! LAG. I do not like lag either guys, but relax MCP- Minecraft Coding Pack will be updated thus rendering optifine will be updated to 1.8 one of these days so relax.
Alright lets get down to business, 1.8 first of all introduced some new mobs, such as rabbits, guardians (the underwater mobs), the Elder (the new boss), and an the endermite that spawns if endermen teleport or if enderchests are opened. Thumbs Up for these new mobs, people love the rabbits, vanilla over world has a new deathly enemy underwater, bravo to Mojang for that.

Okay so Mojang introduced us to crazy worldedit commands which lead to some cool maps like Simburbia, they also introduced us to better world generation for less lag, they introduced us better custom skin making using programs, *Suggest you use Paril's McSkin Edit 3D, it makes 1.8 skins and its easy to use* and even certain people make 3D magical, crazy awesome texture packs, basically Mojang did something for us. They also introduced us to barriers, spectator mode, and better head things and a better F3 for us, you should check out that F3 thing its pretty cool it has its own little kind of Waila mod thing. Thumbs up to Mojang for the technical shabangbang.

And finally the new blocks, like the doors, slime blocks, some earthy materials, and water temple materials, good for your building! 

Anyway guys lets give Mojang its last thumbs up for 1.8, thats all I got for now, see ya later guys.

-Ganon Out!

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