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avatar BeastDiamondXD
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This is my very own pixel art... Meaning I made it, I know it's not that good.


I wish Minecraft had a beach house that villagers would live in. And it would have coconut trees. Then you could create coconut milk. Stuff like that. So your stumbling across a beach, then suddenly you see a villager. You then see a beach house. Their beach house is very similar except that it is smaller and has a staircase up to the door. You also see villager babies in the water playing around.

You look across the coast and see a coconut tree. The coconut is similar to a co co bean. You break the coconut and you get a coconut. You put it into your crafting bench to see what happens. It makes milk and as an item it looks like the milk is in half of a coconut and the other half isn't there. It takes the same place a milk, but with a different name. Once, or if, you drink it, you are left with and empty half of a coconut. You can use that as a helmet, but it takes the same properties as gold, but doesn't last long at all. You could look really funny wearing one.

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