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Minecraft: BETTER GRASS AND LEAVES Mod (Falling Leaves, Coral Reef) - MyDiamondSkeleton!

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Can we get 30 likes for this beautiful mod :)?!

This mod was created by: Poersch

Link to the mod: www.minecraftforum.net/topic/508886-164-forge-better-grass-leaves-mod-v164d/

Info from the creator:

Grass and leaves do not grow because of this mod, it's ment to be just a visual modification.
Better Grass/Mycelium will only render if the above block is made of air.
Better Leaves will only render if at least one neighbouring block is made of air.
Better Algae will only render if the above block and the one above that are made of water.
Better Reed will only render if the above block is made of water and the one above that of air.
This mod should support every mod/resourcepack, but I recommend using the ones listed here.
Noticed some mod based leaves that don't have the fluffy Better Leaves look? Please make use of the powerfull whiteList feature described here.
You can customize my mod's effect on your mod/resourcepack via the instructions found here.
This mod is client sided and won't change your map data.
The mod's config file is located at: %appdata%/.minecraft/config/BetterGrassAndLeavesMod.cfg
You'll need Forge Modloader to run this mod.

Better Grass & Leaves Mod [v1.6.4.D]
Not compatible with Optifine in the mods folder unless you patch it with karyonix's fix.
Added the option "addBloodTo" to the mod's config file. This option lets you (deactivate the blood)/(define the blood color) for every given entity.
Added blood colors for all vanilla entities.
Added the options "addBloodTo" and "blackList" to the plugin system.
The "addRendererTo" and "blackList" options do now accept class names instead of block IDs (e.g. addRendererTo=better-grass:net.minecraft.block.BlockGrass).
The "addRendererTo" option does now accept renderer followed by multiple values separated by ";"-signs (e.g. addRendererTo=better-grass:1;net.minecraft.block.BlockGrass;3;4;5).
The "addRendererTo" and "blackList" options do now accept negative (block IDs)/(class names) to remove the given value (e.g. blackList=-1, -net.minecraft.block.BlockGrass).
Fixed the plugins-not-working-issue, in case you've installed mods that try to occupy the same block IDs.
Fixed the no-particle-issue, that prevented entities/tile-entities from spawning particles.
The plugin system is now accessible from resourcepacks.

02/26/2014 9:08 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Skinner
how can i uninstall this without using Magic Launcher? and not getting a black screen?
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