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Xbox One Minecraft commands and servers!!! Minecraft Better Together Update Beta

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ComplexNums's Avatar ComplexNums
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The Minecraft Better Together Update Beta for Xbox One is out now! Its purpose is to unite the versions of Minecraft, and it looks like Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. I hadn't even heard about it until very recently, so I made this guide for anyone who also hasn't heard about this and wants to try it. You will need to have the digital version of Minecraft to try the beta (not the disc). Here's how to try the beta:
  1. Go to the store (on Xbox or Windows 10).
  2. Search for the Xbox Insider App, download it, and start it up.
  3. Navigate to Insider content > Minecraft Beta and join.
  4. You're done!
I think when the full version is out, there will be a second version of Minecraft that will be this new one. If you've previously downloaded the old version of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, you will be able to download the new one for free. If you have the disc version, I don't think you'll be able to get the new game for free.

The old game will still be playable, but won't receive any more updates.

Edit: 10,000 views! Somehow this post got 10,000 views! Thank you all so much for helping me reach this huge milestone after only two months!

Edit 2: 15,000 views!! Thanks for the views! Also, I think this version of Minecraft is no longer a beta, and is actually out now.

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Update #4 : by ComplexNums 11/12/2017 4:28:38 pmNov 12th, 2017

This is no longer a beta; it's an actual version of Minecraft.

And 15,000 views!

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09/03/2017 5:31 am
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The Official Better Together Update FAQ States:

Q: I own Minecraft: Xbox One Edition on disc. Will I be able to get the Better Together Update for free?

A: Players who own Minecraft: Xbox One Edition on disc and have bought DLC or played for at least five hours in the past 12 months will be able to upgrade to Minecraft for free, for a limited time. If you haven’t played in the past 12 months, you can play five hours now and unlock your upgrade.”

Also if anyone is wondering if you’ll still be able to play on the current Xbox One Edition after the full release of Minecraft on Xbox One and Switch, The Official Better Together Update FAQ States:

Q: What is going to happen to the old console edition?

A: The old console edition will not be available for new purchase after the full release of Minecraft on Xbox One and Switch. Existing owners will still be able to access and play the old console version and minigames, but those versions will not receive updates after the official release of Minecraft.”

You can see the full FAQ here:


The Official Better Together Update FAQ was Published by Staff on 07/31/2017.