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Minecraft Black Edition (V.2)

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KarenVili's Avatar KarenVili
Level 71 : Legendary Miner
This remastered version stands out from the original Black Edition (V.1), being scarier and more fun.

It brings together the mysticism of the first Alpha versions of Minecraft, with little visibility at night and a lot of fog during the day, which makes it very similar to playing the original version of Minecraft but with some surprises.

Of course there will be thousands of trees without leaves and messages with indecipherable codes sent by the entity that inhabits this world. This should not surprise you since there are many scary Alpha versions that have evil entities with the same behavior.

What will scare you are the creepy sounds that will be heard randomly while you are playing the game such as screams and corruption of your world.

You can download this version by clicking on the download button below:

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