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Minecraft Bug Fixes Change Log - 1.8.1

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criticalbrit1 avatar criticalbrit1
Level 56 : Grandmaster Fish
Just a Simple Changelog for 1.8.1 Bug Fixes
I will try to add pictures!

  1. Player facing changes when passing through nether portals in certain cases

  2. Villagers ignore data tags in trading

  3. Experience orb position client-server desyncundefined

  4. Air Blocks floating in Waterundefined

  5. Anvil GUI truncating long item names and showing garbage at the endundefined

  6. Slow (Choppy) Rotating Beacon Blockundefined

  7. Ghost End Portal in The End / Missing layer with AMD/ATI graphics cardsundefined

  8. Persistant Chunk error / Corrupted world / Wrong location spamundefined

  9. Statistic screen icons messed upundefined

  10. Nether Portal sometimes places you a fraction of a block in the air

  11. EXP orbs will switch locations after a second or so from killing a mob.undefined

  12. Brewing Stand Dosen't Drop Custom Potions

  13. Non-living entities (boats, minecarts, fallingsand, item frames, paintings) drop items even if doTileDrops is set to false

  14. Sprinting and breaking particles of piston arms use same particles as piston eventhough there no stone on the arms

  15. Experience Orbs invisible for one second right after spawning

  16. Music keeps playing when putting in a disc in a jukebox and breaking it at the same time

  17. /summoned mobs riding XP orbs phase out of existence undefined

  18. Ghost Players in Multiplayer / Item Duplicationundefined

  19. Items held by witches are too small and held wronglyundefined

  20. Sprint glitch

  21. Hopper: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad Base64 input character at 4036: 5 (decimal)

  22. Smooth teleportation while falling glitches player back up

  23. Tools with CanDestroy set to allow the breaking of certain blocks don't display proper block name on the tooltip (English (US) language only)undefined

  24. Cannot place buttons under stairs or slabs, or ontop of upside down stairs or slabsundefined

  25. Items are too high up on the arm in 3rd person mode while sneakingundefined

  26. Withers trapped in a barrier box attacks barriers, killing itundefined

  27. /say Not Showing Villager Entity Data if 'CustomName' Providedundefined

  28. Entering a mobs view in spectator mode does not change if world is changedundefined

  29. Ender dragon experience drops are not affected by doMobLoot gamerule

  30. /fill replace command not filling when clicking tab

  31. Operation, test and enable doesn't show up as options when typing /scoreboard playersundefined

  32. Glowstone crystal formations are missing their bottom layersundefined

  33. Achievement "Overpowered" Has Misleading Icon

  34. Placing heads / skulls break existing blocksundefined

  35. World Generator Crash when creating a custom new world (Different than others)

  36. Chicken Jockey riding inside chickenundefined

  37. Loading World on New World or loading screen disappears if the window size is changed.

  38. Resizing window while in Customized World Settings snaps back to Customized Settings page 1undefined

  39. Part of Stair becomes invisible when placing a block near it.undefined

  40. Chicken jockey falls into solid block when chicken diesundefined

  41. Command: setblock minecraft:sign produces a confusing error messageundefined

  42. Fast Creeper bug (aka Creeper Zurg Rush)

  43. Animals don't teleport to Player when target is air blockundefined

  44. Unable to hide Wither Skull namesundefined

  45. Tellraw open_url isn't showing url

  46. Spectator Mode Layer glitch

  47. Air bubbles appear after drowning and still deadundefined

  48. Item frames with items in them do not frustum culling properly causing sevre FPS lag.

  49. /help for /worldborder not updated.undefined

  50. Unable to build iron golem and snow golem with jack o'lanternundefined

  51. [/hr]
CreditMore Infomation here : https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-3?jql=fixVersion%20in%20(%22Minecraft%201.8.1%22%2C%22Minecraft%201.8.1-pre5%22%2C%22Minecraft%201.8.1-pre4%22%2C%22Minecraft%201.8.1-pre3%22%2C%22Minecraft%201.8.1-pre2%22%2C%22Minecraft%201.8.1-pr

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Update #1 : by criticalbrit1 11/28/2014 7:02:22 pmNov 28th, 2014

- Added all & Finished all Pictures

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