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Minecraft Cathedral in 10 months

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avatar Timiren
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Cathedral of Time - Minecraft Cathedral on Survival Server in 10 Months

I would like to tell you story of the most amazing building on our server - Cathedral of Time.

It started long ago, not too long after Minecraft became officially released. Friend of mine wanted to make something big, something that will took him some time to make. And he started planning.

To be clear - we build on survival server with no editing tools and we used only mined and gathered materials. So first we help him to flat some land. It was huge.


I remember asking him:

"Oh my God, are you serious? Why would you need so much place?" But he just laughed.

"It will be much more bigger. You'll see."

And he was true. It took as many hours and many shovels to do this but it was still about half of place he needed. After not very long time he started building first models out of dirt.


It didn't look so big so far. But as time went it began to slightly more recognizable. And impressive because my friend was building it all alone. With all plans in his head and no one so patient he just from time to time persuade somebody to copy part of wall or so but that was all. We all helped with supplying him materials and with terrain adjusting but it was really truly his project.


As the first towers came up we realized that he really might need all that space. We were pretty shocked when he told us that on this place he would fit just half of the cathedral.


Amount of stone was quite impressive too. We were replanting and chopping down small forest to fulfill the hunger of furnaces. Luckily everybody had free cobble and there were also many chests from making underground tracks. It was kind of funny as I realize my friend has built the cathedral at least twice but rather few more times. Once from dirt and after that from stone. But stone was the easy part.


Clay for brick roof was the tricky part. Several biomes far from cathedral I guarantee you won't find any. Maybe the roof was on of reasons why it too him so long to built. Endless and endless amounts of clay just disappeared to make half row of brick stairs on the roof. Then he started to prepare arches.


And in this stage he still wasn't near the half of work. More terrain was made flat and he started to mark aout the whole shape of the cathedral. Even this was breathtaking.


I don't have many pictures of the cathedral in next stages. Next he made two side towers, continued in making the roof, built arches inside and started to lighten cathedral up because it became for a quite long while the cathedral of terror and darkness. Or as some said "our biggest mob trap". He made bells in two front towers and start to creating interior. I can't remember how it happen but my friend really likes the series Doctor Who.

"Hey," he said, "what if we would built great Tardis instead on altar?" And he did. After the cathedral was finished we made it starting point for a little like-a-doctor-who adventure map. And it really earned its name. Cathedral of Time.

The cathedral was inspired by Notre Dame de Paris but it isn't an exact copy. It itself is about 145 blocks long, 95 blocks wide and 90 blocks high. It was started on 10th December 2011 and last block was put down on the 22th September 2012. If you would like to join us and look on the finished cathedral here is video:

Well, the cathedral is finished but as we talk my friend started to make surrounding buildings. So maybe some next time I will show you the progress.

I would just ask you to apologize my bad English as I am foreigner.

I thank you for reading.

Timiren from Hofycraft server
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