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Minecraft Chaos Edition 1.0.0 (ChaosCraft)

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KarenVili's Avatar KarenVili
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Here you can not only download Minecraft Chaos Edition 1.0.0 (ChaosCraft), we will also show you the secrets and how to find the entity that inhabits this version.

Just like other hidden versions of Minecraft, in this one there is an evil entity that will try to destroy you which will be present if you find the sign

To find the sign and the entity that inhabits this world you must go to the water looking for somewhere where a wooden column protrudes, where you must dive until you reach the cave of the entity

The entity lacks arms as you see in the following image, but this does not make you believe that it is weak, each attack of the entity will take away three hearts.

Another interesting thing about this version is that every time you see a message in red letters with the word “Hello” followed by red symbols, hostile mobs and zombified animals will fall from the sky, be careful with the pig.


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07/25/2023 6:51 am
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